The Unfair $23 Billion Tobacco Verdict: Time For Smokers to Stop Playing Dumb

First Post, News Analysis, Sandip Roy, Posted: Jul 23, 2014

The charades of tobacco giants does not mean the rest of us are just unwitting lambs who have been led to the slaughter.

A Woman Alone: The Story of India's Forgotten 'Coolie' Women

FirstPost, News Feature, Sandip Roy, Posted: Jun 21, 2014

When Gaiutra Bahadur came to India, she was told not to go out by herself at night. “They said Delhi is a particularly unsafe city for women."

Two Girls in a Tree: Why the Indian Rape Photos Are Inexcusable

New America Media, Op-ed, Sandip Roy, Posted: Jun 05, 2014

Last week India was shocked by a picture that looked ripped out of the American south from decades ago.

Maya, Marquez, Mandela: The Disease of Fakebook

New America Media, Commentary, Sandip Roy, Posted: May 29, 2014

Is a Maya Angelou quote on your Twitter feed just a fashion statement? In the virtual world it's impossible to tell the real from the pretender.

The Dawn of Narendra Modi Marks the end of Nehruvian India

New America Media, News Analysis, Sandip Roy, Posted: May 27, 2014

The ghost of Jawarharlal Nehru could well be an uninvited guest at the banquet marking the swearing in of Narendra Modi.

How Missing Flight MH370 Exposes Human Helplessness

First Post, News Analysis, Sandip Roy, Posted: Mar 10, 2014

What has been most astonishing about the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 are the images that have come out of that tragedy.

Indians Can Download Doniger's Book But Not Freedom of Expression

First Post, Commentary, Sandip Roy, Posted: Feb 21, 2014

This is a good week for those who like to ban books or pulp them. It also marks the 25th anniversary of the fatwa on Salman Rushdie and The Satanic Verses.

Kolkata Gang Rape: How 16-Year-Old Victim Became a Political Football

First Post, Commentary, Sandip Roy, Posted: Jan 06, 2014

The rape and killing of a 16 year-old girl in Kolkata is proof of the Indian government's inability to protect women or deter their assailants.

Power to Forgive: Mandela’s Death and Babri Demolition Anniversary

First Post, Commentary, Sandip Roy, Posted: Dec 07, 2013

We are far away from forgiveness because we are far away from truth. Mandela in his death gives us occasion to think about this.

I Have a Dream: An Export Mightier Than McTikka

First Post, Commentary, Sandip Roy, Posted: Aug 29, 2013

Indian-American politicians like Bobby Jindal and Nikki Haley are using Dr. King's words to subvert Dr. King's dream.