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California Council on Youth Relations


The California Council on Youth Relations (CCYR) is a New America Media project dedicated to bringing the youth voice to the table in developing policy and practice. Youth on the CCYR Speakers Bureau are experts in juvenile justice, child welfare, education reform, mental health services, homelessness, and community violence. The CCYR Speakers Bureau has shared youth perspectives on critical issues with policymakers and practitioners throughout California since 2005. Below find resources and links to our projects’ media.

Partnering with Youth Media

CCYR is a partner of YouthWire.org, a statewide network of youth-led media outlets in California’s most marginalized communities. The network’s mission is to generate community dialogue on issues of health, education, the environment, criminal justice, and other critical community issues. CCYR collaborates with YouthWire to ensure that these youth voices inform decision-makers at the local and state levels.

Partnering with Homeless Youth Advocates

CCYR is a partner of the California Research Bureau's California Homeless Youth Project (HYP), a research and policy initiative that advocates for homeless youth in the State Capitol and raises awareness of the unique issues that homeless youth face. On the web site you can find key research publications, as well the CCYR Speakers Bureau produced HYP’s DVD, "Voices from the Street", which presents the project's major findings and recommendations to improve the lives of homeless youth in California. Preview the DVD on the HYP web site or order a copy of this DVD (Length: 23 min.) by contacting Patricia Johnson pjohnson@newamericamedia.org.

Informing Mental Health Practice

From 2005-2013 the CCYR Speakers Bureau offered youth-led trainings at the university and clinical levels to more than 2,500 marriage and family therapists (MFTs), social workers and mental health practitioners. While we no longer offer on-site trainings, we have encapsulated our youth speakers bureau’s expertise in this 26 minute training video, intended for evoking discussion in classroom or workshop settings. “How to Come Through: Youth Share Stories & Strategies for Therapists” is embedded here on this web page for easy viewing. We encourage instructors to download the free study guide materials that accompany the video. If you experience any problems downloading the materials or watching the video, please contact Patricia Johnson at pjohnson@newamericamedia.org.

Informing Mental Health Policy

CCYR’s mental health policy-focused DVD, "Bringing Young People to the Policy Table: A year of discussion on mental health in foster care, juvenile justice and education," presents ten mental health recommendations for improving public systems that serve young people. System-involved youth developed these recommendations in discussion with policy makers, therapists, agency directors, probation officers and case managers at a series of five policy seminars in Sacramento in 2005 at the California Research Bureau. The DVD package can be purchased through our bookstore, or by contacting pjohnson@newamericamedia.org. (Length: 12 min.) Package includes printed insert of the ten recommendations. Proceeds go towards stipends for CCYR youth participants.

CCYR Staff