The War on Drugs in the Philippines: A StepToward Fascism?

The War on Drugs in the Philippines: A StepToward Fascism?

International Examiner, Commentary, Cindy Domingo, Posted: Oct 26, 2016

Filipinos are concerned that the specter of martial law may be on the horizon under newly-elected President Rodrigo Duterte.


First Independent Research on Formosa Disaster in Vietnam Released


Vietnam Right Now, News Report, Doan Trang, Posted: Oct 26, 2016

The report covers a large range of topics, from a timeline of the disaster to a profile of Formosa, the Taiwanese corporation allegedly causing the disaster, from the roles of civil society to the poor performance of the government in dealing with the incident.


Millennial Urges Asian Americans to Vote this November


Asamnews, Commentary, Celeste Chan, Posted: Oct 25, 2016

Pollsters, political think tanks, and CNN commentators alike have often cited the AAPI vote as the critical swing vote in this upcoming election.


Anger, Fear Drive Chinese American Protests Over Controversial Rap Song


New America Media, News Report, Gloria Liao, Posted: Oct 24, 2016

California rapper YG is facing a nationwide backlash from the Chinese American community for his 2014 song "Meet the Flockers," reports the Chinese language World Journal.

Film premiere Leads to Historic Meeting of Descendants Tied to Heroic Japanese Diplomat


Nichi Bei, News Feature, Posted: Oct 24, 2016

At the dawn of World War II, Chiune Sugihara, the Japanese consul in Lithuania at the time, saved thousands of lives by going against his country’s wishes to issue transit visas to Jewish refugees trying to escape Lithuania.


After Last Debate: Fil-Am Trump, Clinton Supporters Confident in Their Candidate


Asian Journal, News Report, Christina Oriel, Posted: Oct 23, 2016

Many Filipinos have been waiting in line more than 20 years for a visa to the United States. Around 270,000 undocumented Filipinos live in this country.

Duterte Declares Military, Economic Break with US


Asian Journal, News Report, Posted: Oct 21, 2016

President Rodrigo Duterte announced that he is breaking both in military and economic aspects from the United States (US), the Philippine’s longtime ally.


Asian American Voters Not Being Engaged in Ca.’s Ballot Initiative Process


New America Media, News Report, Peter Schurmann, Posted: Oct 20, 2016

A new survey of Asian American voters in California finds that many do not vote on ballot initiatives because they don't know enough about them.


Duterte's China Trip Puts US Ties To the Test, News Report, Christopher Bodeen, Jim Gomez, Posted: Oct 18, 2016

After lashing out at longtime ally America, the new Philippine president is making a state visit to China in a charm offensive.


Dylan Deserves The Nobel Prize, But He Wasn't The First Musician To Win


New America Media, Commentary, Hasan Zillur Rahim, Posted: Oct 17, 2016

Rabindranath Tagore, the Bengali polymath who won the Nobel Prize for Literature over a century ago in 1913, must be spinning in his grave.

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