In Honor of Memorial Day - Memorials Honoring Our Fallen Native Warriors

In Honor of Memorial Day - Memorials Honoring Our Fallen Native Warriors

Indian Country, News Feature, Vincent Schilling, Posted: May 25, 2015

Since the first arrival of Europeans onto Turtle Island and in connection to the conflicts that first arose in association, Native Americans – with the inclusion of American Indians, Alaskan Natives and Native Hawaiians – have enlisted and volunteered for the armed services at a higher rate than any other ethnicity.


10-Year-Old Gets Mission Song Stricken from California School District Curriculum


Indian Country, News Feature, Alysa Landry, Posted: May 21, 2015

Alex Fierro, a 10-year-old Wukchumni boy is changing the way one California school district teaches Native history.

Navajo Presidential Inauguration Historic in Several Ways


Navajo Times, News Analysis, Posted: May 19, 2015

For the first time in the history of the Navajo Nation, a Navajo leader from New Mexico replaced another.

Loretta Sanchez Shocks Indian Americans With ‘War Cry’ Caricature


India West, News Report, Posted: May 18, 2015

U.S. Senate candidate Loretta Sanchez apologized May 17 after a videotape surfaced showing her making a whooping cry in reference to Native Americans as she appeared to be making a joke about the difference between Indian Americans and Native Americans. The incident brought her a cascade of reprimands from many in the Indian American community as well as fellow Democrats and on social media.


'Anti-Indian Rhetoric' at Rogue Congressional Hearing


Indian Country, Commentary, Gale Courey Toensing, Posted: May 14, 2015

Rev. John Norwood, a councilman of the Nanticoke Lenni-Lenape Tribe, warned tribes against falling victim to the government’s "divide and conquer” strategy.


University Party in Michigan Reveals Unsafe Climate For Native American Students on Campus


Indian Country, News Report, Posted: Apr 28, 2015

Morseau said although there are faculty members and staff who support the Native American students she feels safe when she leaves EMU.


Every Day Is Earth Day: Indigenous Insights on the Health of Our Mother


Indian Country, Commentary, Terri Hansen, Posted: Apr 22, 2015

As we celebrate Earth Day for the 45th time, the organizers are calling it the most important commemoration in history and urging everyone to sign an online petition entreating the world’s leaders to stop burning carbon.

First Lady on Challenges Facing Native Youth: ‘We Own This'


Indian Country, News Report, Posted: Apr 14, 2015

First Lady Michelle Obama recalled her and her husband’s historic trip to Indian country in 2014 before making bold statements in regards to the current state of Indian country at the Generation Indigenous Native Youth Challenge (Gen-I) convening.


Nicaragua's Grand Canal: No Indigenous Consent, and Probable Environmental Catastrophe


Indian Country Today, News Report, Rick Kearns, Posted: Apr 06, 2015

Scientists are warning against the construction of a massive canal in Nicaragua, and an indigenous community is suing the government.


Did the Deaths of 50 Million Indians Cause Climate Change?


Indian Country, News Report, Steve Russell, Posted: Mar 23, 2015

What if it was enough millions to change the carbon dioxide (CO2) content in the atmosphere and therefore the climate and ultimately the geology of the Earth?

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