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 Kern County Stands to Lose Big if ACA is Repealed

Kern County Stands to Lose Big if ACA is Repealed

New America Media, News Report, Viji Sundaram, Posted: Apr 24, 2017

Expansion of the Medi-Cal program under ACA allowed 95,679 adults in Kern County, or 10 percent of its population, to get health insurance, some for the very first time, according to the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research. It dropped the county’s rate of uninsured children to less than 5 percent.

Calif. Gov. Jerry Brown Pardons Three Deported Veterans


La Opinion, News Report, Pilar Marrero, Posted: Apr 18, 2017

In an unprecedented move, California Gov. Jerry Brown pardoned three U.S. veterans who had been deported.


Volunteers Help Low Income Earners File Taxes For Free in Santa Ana


New America Media, News Feature, Eric Licas, Posted: Apr 14, 2017

They suggest that their efforts to promote financial literacy and awareness of free online filing tools have empowered many of their normal clients to submit their taxes on their own.


No Happy Endings, But Oakland’s BMW Trio Fosters Togetherness


New America Media, News Feature, Eve Pell, Posted: Apr 10, 2017

The trio founded a nonprofit organization called BMW to promote volunteer programs and give back to the city.

NY Judge Rules Documents Can Be Destroyed to Protect Identities


Univision.com, News Report, Posted: Apr 07, 2017

A judge ruled on Friday that New York City officials can destroy personal documents related to the city's ID program.

La Opinion: Punishment for Sanctuary Cities Is a Smoke Screen


La Opinion, Editorial, Staff, Posted: Apr 03, 2017

The attack on sanctuary cities is based on unconstitutional premises and erroneous interpretations.


Watching Your Kids Grow Up Through the Border Wall


New America Media, Photo Essay, David Bacon, Posted: Apr 02, 2017

It took two days on the bus for Catalina Cespedes and her husband to get from their hometown in Puebla to Tijuana.


Therapy Used for U.S. Veterans Finds Success Among Traumatized Immigrants


Univision, News Feature, Jenny Manrique, Posted: Mar 28, 2017

Therapists are using cutting edge treatments to help immigrants heal from trauma. Many are undocumented or are victims of mental, physical or sexual abuse


How Safe Are DACA Recipients?


New America Media, News Report, Elena Shore, Posted: Mar 27, 2017

DACA recipients can be detained by ICE -- and have their DACA revoked -- if they fit any of the priorities for deportation.

5 Water Warriors Defending Rights from North Dakota to Chile


Telesur, News Report, Posted: Mar 22, 2017

For World Water Day, teleSUR looks at some of the figures behind the fight to protect water in North, Central and South America.

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