Missouri Candidate Sells “ISIS Hunting Permits," Prompts Fear Among Muslims

Arab American Media, News Report, Posted: Jul 05, 2016

The Council on Islamic Relations (CAIR) is speaking out against the candidate’s stunt, expressing fears that while the inflammatory rhetoric is directed at ISIS, it could embolden assaults on ordinary Muslims.


More Afraid of a Drive-By Than ISIS


New America Media, Commentary, Andrew Lam, Posted: Jul 01, 2016

So given the daily violence in America and in San Francisco itself, forgive me if I offer up a shrug to the news that ISIS is coming. Can it possibly do more damage than what we have already done to ourselves?


Creating The Right Settings for Arab American Seniors


Al Enteshar/New America Media , News Report, Julian Do, Posted: Jun 30, 2016

The Arab American community has stepped up to bring a new attitude towards caring for seniors.

Syrian Refugee Returns €150,000 He Found in a Cupboard in Germany


Arab American Media, News Report, Posted: Jun 29, 2016

Police in Minden, Germany, say a Syrian man who arrived last year as a refugee is their “hero of the day” after he found €150,000 ($166,000) and handed it to authorities.

Israeli Troops Kill Palestinian Bystander


Arab American News, News Report, Posted: Jun 22, 2016

Israeli troops mistakenly killed a Palestinian bystander on Tuesday while responding with gunfire to a petrol bomb and rock attack on Israeli vehicles in the occupied West Bank, the military said.

Gay Arabs Traumatized by Orlando Massacre


Arab American News, News Report, Ali Harb, Posted: Jun 17, 2016

After a suspected extremist killed 49 people at the gay club in Florida, the tragedy hit home for many LGBTQ Arab Americans.

Legal Hotline Created in Canada After 'Significant Increase' in Islamophobia


New Canadian Media, News Report, Posted: Jun 06, 2016

“Especially under the Harper government,” says Alam, “we noticed that there was very specific fear mongering happening, that utilized Islamophobia to justify Harper’s policies, such as Bill C-51, and all of that translated into an increase in hate crimes.”


Striving to Find Foster Parents in America’s Largest Muslim Community


The Chronicle of Social Change, News Report, Josh Herman, Posted: Jun 06, 2016

Nuzhat Jawed is one of only about a dozen Muslim foster parents in Dearborn, Michigan, home to the largest concentration of Muslims in North America.


California Set to Be First State to Allow Undocumented Residents to Buy Health Coverage on Online Marketplace


New America Media, News Report, Viji Sundaram, Posted: Jun 02, 2016

As early as next year, undocumented immigrants will be able to buy health insurance on Covered California, the state’s online marketplace. That is, if Uncle Sam gives the state a federal waiver to do so.


Arab Americans Claim Police Brutality in Dearborn Heights


Arab American News, News Report, Samer Hijazi, Posted: May 31, 2016

The Arab American community has reached a boiling point with the Dearborn Heights Police Department where residents claim they were arrested without justification.

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