LA Supervisors Put ‘Green-for-All’ Parks on Fall Ballot

LA Supervisors Put ‘Green-for-All’ Parks on Fall Ballot

New America Media, News Report, George White , Posted: Jul 06, 2016

L.A.’s County Board of Supervisors approved a tax measure for the fall ballot to fund green-for-all parks, especially needed for low-income communities of color.


What Would the 4th of July Be Without The Parks?


New America Media, News Report, Jacqueline Garcia, Posted: Jul 05, 2016

Throughout the Southland, the evening of July 4th, lit up with fireworks, was a joyful end to a day that families across Los Angeles spent enjoying county parks.


Red, White, Blue - and Green: On July 4th, Hopes for More Parks Access in L.A. County


New America Media, News Report, George White, Posted: Jun 29, 2016

Hundreds of thousands of L.A. residents may flock to grassy preserves and ocean fronts to frolic and observe fireworks, demonstrating their love of natural settings as well as country.


Urban Farms See Challenge, Opportunity in Demand for Locally Sourced


Long Beach VoiceWaves, News Report, Gabriela Mungarro and Michael Lozano, Posted: Jun 27, 2016

Urban Farms in Long Beach that supply the growing number of restaurants serving locally sourced foods say they can't keep up with demand.


3 Years Later, the Ghosts of Shelby Still Haunt Us


The Root, News Analysis, Charles F. Coleman Jr, Posted: Jun 27, 2016

As the anniversary of one of the most important Supreme Court rulings of our time nears, many voters are without critical protections at a point when they are perhaps most needed.


SCOTUS Decision on Immigration 'Not the End of the Road'


New America Media, News Report, Peter Schurmann, Posted: Jun 24, 2016

Immigrant rights advocates say the Supreme Court ruling blocking two programs that would have benefited millions is a setback but not the end of the road.


Many Eligible For Prop. 47 Relief Still Need to Apply


New America Media, News Report, Viji Sundaram, Posted: Jun 22, 2016

California’s Prop. 47 allows many individuals to change certain felonies into misdemeanors on their criminal records – but less than a quarter of those eligible have submitted their requests, and the window of opportunity is set to expire next year.


An Islamic Argument Against Homophobia


New America Media, Commentary, Hasan Zillur Rahim, Posted: Jun 16, 2016

The often fatal homophobia against the LGBT community within Islam stems from a misreading of the Quran and its message of justice, tolerance and empathy.


THE GUARDIANSHIP TRAP: System Improving, But Problems Persist


PBS Next Avenue/New America Media , News Report, Emily Gurnon , Posted: Jun 10, 2016

State lawmakers are pushing guardianship bills making judges grant limited guardianship orders when possible--not just terminate an elder’s rights.


THE GUARDIANSHIP TRAP: Fighting the Greed Factor in Elder Abuse


PBS NextAvenue/New America Media , News Report, Emily Gurnon , Posted: Jun 09, 2016

Greed is never good when courts appoint a family member or professional guardian to make your decisions. Here’s what can happen and how to avoid the worst.

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