New Senate Bill Would Cut Legal Immigration by Half

New Senate Bill Would Cut Legal Immigration by Half

India-West, News Report, Sunita Sohrabji, Posted: Feb 15, 2017

Most significantly, the bill would eliminate the preference for adult parents of U.S. citizens.


Podcast: How Safe is a Sanctuary City?


Feet in 2 Worlds, Audio, John Rudolph, Posted: Feb 14, 2017

Many communities are looking to strengthen their sanctuary policies. But it's unclear how far they can or will go to protect undocumented immigrants within their borders.


Claims of 'Homosexual Agenda' Help Kill Hate Crimes Laws in 5 States


Propublica, News Report, A.C. Thompson and Patrick G. Lee, Posted: Feb 08, 2017

Some Christian groups have no problem protecting people from crimes driven by racial or religious hatred. They just draw the line at sexual orientation.


Trump Tweets as Rome Burns


New America Media, Commentary, Hasan Zillur Rahim, Posted: Feb 06, 2017

Congenitally delusional, Nero was the ultimate narcissist. Fast forward a few thousand years.


Trump’s Definition of Deportable ‘Broad’ and ‘Vague’


New America Media, News Report, Elena Shore, Posted: Feb 01, 2017

Under the expanded definition, nearly any undocumented immigrant could be considered a target.


Trump’s Executive Order Builds On History of Racist Immigration Policies


Chicago Reporter, Commentary, Susan Gzesh, Posted: Jan 31, 2017

This administration launched its anti-Muslim executive order and other policy initiatives against immigrants based on racism, arrogance, over-reaching and scare tactics.


We Must Stop the Assault on Our Fundamental Values


New America Media, Op-ed, Hasan Zillur Rahim, Posted: Jan 30, 2017

We need a grassroots movement to stop Trump from continuing his agenda of uprooting what has made America the humanitarian leader of the world.


Californians Face Barriers to Beaches, Study Says


New America Media, News Report, George White/Video by Crystal Niebla, Posted: Jan 30, 2017

A new report finds that the costs of travel, parking and overnight accommodations discourage many from going to California's ocean fronts.


A Closer Look: The Local Impact of Social Security Reform


Fresh Water/New America Media , News Analysis, Afi Scruggs , Posted: Jan 29, 2017

GOP proposals to reform Social Security would be hard on lower-income ethnic seniors, such as those in Cleveland.


Hate Crimes Vastly Under-Reported by Victims, Law Enforcement


India West, News Feature, Sunita Sohrabji, Posted: Jan 23, 2017

A hate crime enhancement can add several years to a sentence, or make a misdemeanor crime a felony with jail time, noted the panelists.

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Californians Face Barriers to Beaches, Study Says
Californians Face Barriers to Beaches, Study Says

By George White/Video by Crystal Niebla,
Posted: Jan 30, 2017



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