When Worlds Collide: Traditional People Are Moved Off Their Land

When Worlds Collide: Traditional People Are Moved Off Their Land

Indian Country Today, Commentary, Liza Gross, Posted: Apr 20, 2016

Anthropologists warned of the traumatic impacts of relocating traditional people with such strong ties to the land. The rest of us, for the most part, didn’t listen or didn’t care.


Grace Lee Connects Food and People in Off the Menu


I-Examiner, News Feature, Kayla Roberts, Posted: Feb 16, 2016

Led by her obsession with food, award-winning director Grace Lee takes audiences on a road trip in her new film Off the Menu: Asian America to explore what food tells us about family, tradition, and culture.


Eat, Pray, Gain--Black Church Meals May Serve Fellowship With Obesity


NorthStarNews Today/New America Media, News Report, Frederick H. Lowe, Posted: Feb 09, 2016

Black churches provide fellowship and heaps of comfort food served to relieve stress--while contributing to a high obesity rate in the black community.


Christmas in Kolkata


New America Media, Commentary, Sandip Roy, Posted: Dec 23, 2015

It’s hardly Santaland but as Christmas approaches Montoo’s bakery in a dingy lane in in central Kolkata is one of Kolkata’s hottest addresses.


Malnutrition: A Hidden Epidemic in Elders--Especially Latinos


La Raza/New America Media , News Report, Marcela Cartagena, Posted: Dec 23, 2015

Statistics indicate malnutrition among elders has increased dramatically in past decades and there are not enough health professionals and planning to combat the issue.


Elder Hunger: New Efforts To Combat Common Malnutrition Among Seniors


WBUR Common Health/New America Media , News Report, Nell Lake, Posted: Dec 02, 2015

Malnutrition is surprisingly common among U.S. elders, said experts at a recent national conference on aging.


Health Disparities Continue for California’s Latinos and African Americans


New America Media, News Report, Viji Sundaram, Posted: Nov 03, 2015

African-American adults have the highest rates of high blood pressure, obesity and smoking.


Californians Want E-Cigarettes Regulated


New America Media, News Report, Viji Sundaram, Posted: Oct 27, 2015

A large majority of California’s registered voters believe that electronic cigarettes lead to nicotine addiction among young people and need to be regulated, according to a new study by The Field Poll.

Frozen Korean Meals Enter SoCal Markets


Korea Times, News Report, Posted: Oct 27, 2015

Easy, microwaveable Korean foods — frozen japchae and bibimbap — from a U.S.-based producer, Mindful Food Corp., have found their way to Gelson’s supermarkets.

World Health Organization Warns Processed, Red Meats Can Cause Cancer


Washington Weekly, News Report, Posted: Oct 26, 2015

The World Health Organization issued a statement early Monday warning that based on evidence from hundreds of studies, eating processed meat such as bacon, sausage, hot dogs and ham -- which is salted, cured or smoked to enhance or preserve flavor -- can cause cancer.

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