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Marriott Refusing to Cancel White Supremacist Event at Its Hotel

AsAm News, News Report, Posted: Sep 22, 2017

The Marriott Hotel is refusing to back down to pressure to cancel an event by a White supremacist group at one of its hotels next week.


Documentary 'State of Oregon' Explores a Modern Hate Crime


International Examiner, Question & Answer, Yayoi L. Winfrey, Posted: Sep 19, 2017

With the release of her documentary, State of Oregon, Adele Free Pham makes one of her boldest on-screen statements yet.

A Noose—No, 2 Nooses—Grow in Brooklyn


The Root, News Report, Angela Helm, Posted: Sep 18, 2017

Not trying to be flip, but what can you say when lynching paraphernalia is being spread around the United States like Whole Foods in the hood?


When Hate Hits Home


New America Media, News Report, Peter Schurmann, Posted: Sep 08, 2017

In 2012, Raymond Ho became friends with a fellow San Jose native who four years later began to identify with white nationalists.

Hirono, Cantwell Renew Call for Federal Response to Hate Crimes


Rafu Shimpo, News Report, Posted: Aug 29, 2017

The recent outburst of violent racism and domestic terrorist activity by white supremacist organizations and individuals in Charlottesville, Va., has made the senators' call for action even more urgent.


Hate Groups On the Rise Under President Trump


Louisiana Weekly, News Report, Della Hasselle, Posted: Aug 29, 2017

After Heather Heyer was killed protesting a rally of white nationalists, the Congressional Black Caucus announced fellow lawmakers would be discussing the impeachment of President Trump.


No Room for Hate in San Francisco


New America Media, Photo Essay, NAM Staff, Photos by Makoto Takamine, Posted: Aug 25, 2017

A crowd rallied in front of San Francisco's City Hall on Friday, one day ahead of a planned protest by members of the Patriot Prayer group.

Leader of Group Attacked as Racist and Hateful Identifies as Japanese American


AsamNews, News Report, Posted: Aug 22, 2017

The leader of the group Patriot Prayer says he has nothing to do with White supremacists, but his rallies have attracted neo-Nazis, members of the alt right and White nationalists, according to the SF Examiner


Can Hate Be Healed?


New America Media, News Feature, Katherine Kam, Posted: Aug 22, 2017

As a teen, Tim Zaal joined the ranks of neo-Nazi skinheads. Today he volunteers with the LA Museum of Tolerance, something he says is a way to atone for his past.


Charlottesville is the GOP’s Frankenstein's Monster


New America Media, Commentary, Earl Ofari Hutchinson, Posted: Aug 15, 2017

In Charlottesville, like Frankenstein's monster, it didn't change the brutal fact that the GOP, not Trump, created it.

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