Gov. Brown Signs 'Bill of Rights' for LGBT Seniors in Long-Term Care

New America Media, News Report, Staff, Posted: Oct 04, 2017

SB 219 strengthens protections for LGBT seniors living in long-term care facilities.


When No One Cares, Dogs Do: A Portrait of a Young Entrepreneur


New America Media/Richmond Pulse, Commentary, Jose Cordon, Posted: Sep 25, 2017

As young people we feel our lives are out of our control. We don't feel respected or listened to. These are the feelings a relationship with animals could help overcome.


For DACA Recipients, Only Sure Thing is Uncertainty


New America Media, News Report, Elena Shore, Posted: Sep 08, 2017

As he looks ahead, Luis Quiroz said he sees a looming cloud of uncertainty.


New Head of Leadership Conference Says Now a 'Bleak Time' for Civil Rights


New America Media, Question & Answer, Khalil Abdullah, Posted: Aug 16, 2017

"Nothing Like a Crisis to Sharpen One's Thinking" -- a profile of new CEO of Leadership Council on Human Rights, Vanita Gupta.


Charlottesville is the GOP’s Frankenstein's Monster


New America Media, Commentary, Earl Ofari Hutchinson, Posted: Aug 15, 2017

In Charlottesville, like Frankenstein's monster, it didn't change the brutal fact that the GOP, not Trump, created it.

Sen. Kamala Harris Denounces White Supremacists in Charlottesville


AsAmnews, News Report, Posted: Aug 14, 2017

A driver who was aligned with the White nationalist group drove into the crowd, killing one and injuring more than 30 others.


Trump’s Immigration Plan Would Have Kept Out My Father


New America Media, Commentary, William Gee Wong, Posted: Aug 14, 2017

When my father came to America from China in 1912, he was not well educated. He was not well off. He did not speak English.


On Loving White People and Hating Whiteness


The Root, Commentary, Jonathan P. Higgins, Ed.D., Posted: Aug 14, 2017

A question I know most black people struggle with: How do you continue loving white people when whiteness hates you?


‘Ellis Island of the South’ - Atlanta Coalition Helps Immigrants Naturalize


New America Media, News Report, Anthony Advincula, Posted: Jun 12, 2017

Atlanta has one of the fastest-growing immigrant populations in the country. A new coalition is helping them become U.S. citizens.


Supporters of Muslim-Americans Outnumber Muslim Haters


New America Media, News Analysis, Hasan Zillur Rahim, Posted: Jun 12, 2017

We cannot accept What Trump is trying to do to America. We have to stand up for what we believe in and fight for our values for as long as it takes.

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