Heart of the City Farmers Market

Heart of the City Farmers Market

New America Media, Photo Essay, Makoto Takamine, Posted: Aug 10, 2017

San Francisco's only independent, farmer-operated non-profit operated farmers market since 1981.


No Happy Endings, But Oakland’s BMW Trio Fosters Togetherness


New America Media, News Feature, Eve Pell, Posted: Apr 10, 2017

The trio founded a nonprofit organization called BMW to promote volunteer programs and give back to the city.


A Deadly Month: Police Shootings of Natives Spike in October


Indian Country Today, News Report, Stephanie Woodard, Posted: Nov 16, 2016

There were at least eight fatal police shootings of Native Americans in October, much higher than the monthly average.


Tenants Face Eviction in Richmond Before City Votes on Measure L


Richmond Pulse, News Report, Malcolm Marshall, Posted: Sep 25, 2016

Over 100 tenants of the Creekview condominium complex at 3535 El Portal Drive have 60 days to find a new home.


Bay Area Low-Income & Homeless Residents Push to Build Own Housing


New America Media, News Feature, Anna Challet, Posted: Jan 04, 2016

In the Bay Area, some homeless residents are taking things into their own hands - by trying to build housing themselves.


FACTS ON ETHNIC ELDERS: Recession Leaves Ethnic Families 'Beyond Broke'


New America Media, News Report, Paul Kleyman, Posted: May 19, 2014

New studies show ethnic families are on the short end of the recession’s economic “recovery” with retirement income hit especially hard.


Revive Oakland! Economic Opportunity Should be Accessible to Everyone


New America Media, News Feature, Tram Nguyen, Posted: Jan 30, 2013

Jessica, who was born in Mexico, got involved in local activism through a program at her high school that connected her to Urban Peace Movement.


Tragedy and Hope: One Pacific Islander Reflects on API Month


New America Media / Silicon Valley De-Bug, First Person, Jean Melesaine, Posted: May 31, 2012

As API Month draws to a close, one Pacific Islander from the Bay Area reflects on its meaning in the wake of tragedy.


Filipino Amerasians’ Lifelong Fight Against Stigma


New America Media, News Report, Matt Maxion, Posted: May 13, 2012

The majority of Filipino Amerasians weren’t able to get in touch with their estranged fathers.


Temporary Protected Status Keeps Family Living in Limbo


New America Media, News Report, Scott Graf, Posted: Apr 12, 2012

The one thing that Vasquez, a student at San Francisco State University, realized soon after arriving was that his new home is sadly temporary.

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