Cuba in Waiting: Capitalism Hasn't Arrived, And Frustration Is Rising

Cuba in Waiting: Capitalism Hasn't Arrived, And Frustration Is Rising

New America Media, News Feature, Louis Nevaer, Posted: Feb 05, 2016

After the US and Cuba resumed full diplomatic relations, the expectation that ties would encourage changes in Cuba has not been met.


A Glimpse into the Underground World of Selling Sex at Super Bowl 50


SV Debug, News Feature, Octavio Martinez, Posted: Feb 04, 2016

I met Jane on an online dating website months ago and we soon hit it off. Super Bowl 50 has everyone in the sex industry excited, she said.


San Jose Street Musician Calls Out Super Bowl Week Vendor Ban


SV Debug, Commentary, Walt Hansen, Posted: Jan 28, 2016

Walt Hansen is a veteran, a San Jose legend, and well known street musician who has played his flute for years all around town with a hat out for donations.

US Elections: Obama Meets Privately with Sanders Days Before Iowa Caucuses


Telesur, News Report, Posted: Jan 27, 2016

After the private meeting in the Oval Office, Bernie Sanders said he had differences of opinion with Obama, including taxes and the TPP.


Report: Humans to Lose 5 Million Jobs to Robots by 2020


Asian Journal, News Report, Agnes Constance, Posted: Jan 26, 2016

BY the year 2020, humans are expected to lose a net of 5.1 millions of jobs to robots and artificial intelligence, according to a report from the World Economic Forum


San Francisco to Expand Health Insurance Support


San Francisco Public Press, News Report, Angela Woodall, Posted: Jan 24, 2016

Federal affordability scale falls far short of helping thousands pay for coverage in San Francisco where making $60,000 a year barely enough to survive.


Want To See Wealth Disparity in Silicon Valley? Be A House Cleaner


SV Debug, Commentary, Cecilia Chavez, Posted: Jan 16, 2016

As an undocumented worker in Silicon Valley, I have been able to sustain myself by holding jobs where I was paid under the table. I started cleaning houses at 19. My


Consumer Scams in 2015: A Year-End Review


New America Media, News Report, George White, Posted: Jan 06, 2016

The FTC closed 2015 by shutting down alleged fraud in high-complaint categories such as debt collection and services related to employment and immigration.


How The System Fails Grandmothers Raising Kids


Futurity Research/Northstar News Today, News Report, Deborah Bach , Posted: Jan 06, 2016

Increasing numbers of grandmothers across the United States are raising their grandchildren, many of them in poverty and grappling with a public assistance system not designed to meet their needs.


Bay Area Low-Income & Homeless Residents Push to Build Own Housing


New America Media, News Feature, Anna Challet, Posted: Jan 04, 2016

In the Bay Area, some homeless residents are taking things into their own hands - by trying to build housing themselves.

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