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Big Apple’s Sunnyside Supports Latinos & Other Caregivers

Big Apple’s Sunnyside Supports Latinos & Other Caregivers

WBAI/HealthCetera/New America Media , News Feature, Liz Seegert , Posted: Jul 02, 2015

Latinos make up over 60% of seniors at New York’s Sunnyside Community Services, and their model approach provides many culturally appropriate programs.


Family Eldercare: Survival in the Big Apple


WBAI/HealthCetera/New America Media , News Feature, Liz Seegert , Posted: Jul 01, 2015

There are 1.5 million seniors in the Naked City--increasing and more diverse than ever, as their caregivers face growing frustration with the lack of multicultural services.


Dementia Puts Elders at Risk of Financial Abuse


Dallas Morning News/New America Media, News Feature, Pamela Yip, Posted: Jun 28, 2015

With over 5 million Alzheimer’s patients and rising, U.S. elders are increasingly vulnerable to scam or theft by those they trust.


Fraud and Foreclosure: Financial Abuse Hits Boston Elders, Families


Bay State Banner/New America Media , News Report, Sandra Larson , Posted: Jun 18, 2015

Black and Latina elders in Boston--and their families--have faced lost dreams, financial ruin and even homelessness due to home finance scams.


For Boston’s Older Homeowners, It’s ‘Borrower Beware’


Bay State Banner/New America Media , News Report, Sandra Larson , Posted: Jun 17, 2015

Reverse mortgages, refinancing schemes have often put ethnic senior homeowners in Boston at risk. But new consumer protections promise help.


Older Black Lives Matter--Says Top Researcher


New America Media, News Analysis, Paul Kleyman, Posted: Jun 05, 2015

Racism--not one’s skin color--matters most as African Americans age, says a top gerontologist. Researchers need to quit blaming blacks for bad health behaviors.


Detroit Gentrification Means ‘Forced Relocation’ of Black Seniors


New America Media, News Report, Paul Kleyman, Posted: Jun 03, 2015

As Detroit hails its Midtown resurgence, advocates are fighting evictions of mostly low-income, black seniors as affordable apartments convert to luxury units.


Access to Health Care - Why a 74-Year-Old SF Resident Is Becoming a Citizen


New America Media, News Feature, Nayoon Jin, Posted: Jun 03, 2015

Mildred Cordova thinks the time has come for her 74-year-old mother to become a U.S. citizen.


House Rich, But Cash Poor--Home Repairs Loom Large for Low-Income Seniors


Bay State Banner/New America Media , News Feature, Sandra Larson , Posted: May 29, 2015

Aging housing stock and fixed incomes leave Boston seniors vulnerable, but many can find government and nonprofit help.


Calming Dementia Patients — Without Powerful Drugs


KQED Public Radio/New America Media, News Report, Rachel Dornhelm , Posted: May 21, 2015

Nursing homes often drug dementia patients to manage their behavior, but some facilities are successfully using “person-centered care” without antipsychotics.

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