LGBTQ to Trump: "Why Don't We Belong?"

LGBTQ to Trump: "Why Don't We Belong?"

New America Media, Commentary, Dannie Cesena, Posted: Aug 29, 2017

Within a day of Pres. Trump's inauguration, the White House LGBT and HIV pages were taken down.

Feds: Butte College Broke Gender Law: Alleged Rape by Football Player Investigated


ChicoSol, News Report, Posted: Aug 22, 2017

The U.S. Department of Education has concluded its years-long investigation into Butte College's handling of a student rape allegation.


New Head of Leadership Conference Says Now a 'Bleak Time' for Civil Rights


New America Media, Question & Answer, Khalil Abdullah, Posted: Aug 16, 2017

"Nothing Like a Crisis to Sharpen One's Thinking" -- a profile of new CEO of Leadership Council on Human Rights, Vanita Gupta.


Eight-Year-Old Indian American Transgender Girl Sues School for Forcing Her to Identify as a Boy


India West, News Feature, Sunita Sohrabji, Posted: Aug 10, 2017

Several studies have shown that children as young as three have preference for a gender identity that does not conform to their biological sex.

Saving America's Health Centers: Surviving for a Second Chance


Iexamnier, News Feature, Staff, Posted: Aug 07, 2017

As a resident of Hong Kong Yinha Lai had regular and unimpeded access to one of the world's most advanced universal health care systems. Not in America.

President Trump Bans Transgender People From Serving in Military, News Report, Posted: Jul 26, 2017

This decision reverses Barack Obama's approved request in June of last year for the Pentagon to lift its ban on transgender soldiers.

Michelle Obama Says Racist Attacks She Faced as First Lady 'Cut the Deepest'


The Roots, News Report, Posted: Jul 26, 2017

While her husband served as president of the United States, Obama was at the center of hateful, merciless attacks and comments


Black Women Vote in Large Numbers Yet Are Underrepresented


Louisiana Weekly, News Report, Susan Buchanan, Posted: Jul 26, 2017

America's Black women vote at high rates and are politically active, but remain underrepresented in elected positions relative to their population size.


Nation’s Black Women are Jailed at Unfair Rates, Study Says


Louisiana Weekly, News Report, Susan Buchanan, Posted: Jul 20, 2017

Black families are hurt by unfairly high incarceration rates for African-American women and the impediments they face once they’re out of jail.


Diverse Cops Make the Difference in Policing Hate


New America Media, News Report, Jenny Manrique, Posted: Jul 19, 2017

San Francisco's hate crimes unit is one of only a handfull of such police units across the country at a time when hate crimes are on the rise.

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