This special section focuses on issues that can help ethnic elders live with dignity and security with the essential income seniors need to maintain their homes, health and peace of mind as they age. New America Media is grateful to The Atlantic Philanthropies for their support in creating this vital website. This section is edited by NAM Ethnic Elders Newsbeat Director Paul Kleyman. Please direct question to him at
AARP's Long-Term Care Scorecard for Elders’ Wellbeing

AARP's Long-Term Care Scorecard for Elders’ Wellbeing

KAWC-FM/New America Media , News Report, Stephanie Sanchez, Posted: Sep 08, 2017

Where does your state rate on AARP’s interactive Long Term Care Services & Supports Scorecard website? Here’s a report on one in the middle of the pack, Arizona.


$36 Billion May Be Low Estimate for Growing Elder Fraud


CNBC/New America Media , News Report, Kelli B. Grant, Posted: Sep 06, 2017

One in 18 older "cognitively intact" adults falls prey to financial fraud or abuse each year, says a new study. Many state securities regulators report an uptick in elder fraud.


U.S. Stumbles Toward Day of Reckoning with Rising Retirement Crisis


NMPolitics/New America Media , News Analysis, Kent Paterson , Posted: Sep 04, 2017

The number of U.S. Elders will double to 81.2 Million by 2040. But the federal poverty level fails to show the crisis looming for seniors in meeting the real cost of living.


Rapid Aging of U.S., Latin America Mean ‘Race Against Time’ and Poverty


NMPolitics/New America Media , News Analysis, Kent Paterson , Posted: Aug 30, 2017

Global experts agreed at a recent conference that the rapid aging of the U.S. and Latin America call for stronger action to secure elders’ health, income and dignity in old age.


The Age of Anti-Aging: Media Hype and the Myth of Ageless Baby Boomers


Generations, Commentary, Paul Kleyman, Posted: Aug 20, 2017

Boomers became “forever young” in the Summer of Love, say media myths, but their stand against racism and sexism is adding ageism as boomer activists grow older.


Coachella Rising: Can Organic Farming & Unions Transform Calif.'s Hottest Farm Belt?


Capital & Main/New America Media , News Feature, David Bacon, Posted: Aug 10, 2017

Sustainability is the mantra for many groups seeking a future in which communities near California's Salton Sea can survive--and end dangerous work in palm and mango trees.


Coachella Rising: Aging Farmworkers, Unions, Organic Mangos & the Salton Sea


Capital & Main/New America Media , News Feature, David Bacon , Posted: Aug 09, 2017

Combined, organic farmers and unions, have the power to improve the lives of farmworkers and save the Salton Sea in California’s hottest farm belt.


Black, Gray and Gay: The Perils of Aging LGBTQ People of Color


NBCBLK/New America Media, News Feature, Chandra Thomas Whitfield, Posted: Jul 07, 2017

Economic, social and health disparities are especially challenging for black and Latino LGBTQ elders, but advocates around the U.S. are creating solutions.


GOP Health Bill—How We Got Into This Mess


New America Media, News Analysis, Paul Kleyman, Posted: Jun 21, 2017

Amid the scoreboard coverage of the GOP health bill, historians remind us of how the unique U.S. system became such an insurance-based mess.


New ‘Poor People’s’ Leader: Anti-Voter Laws Worse Than Russian Meddling


New America Media, News Analysis, Mary Claire Blakeman, Posted: Jun 12, 2017

Bolstered by new Supreme Court rulings, Rev. William Barber will head the Poor People’s Campaign to fight voter suppression laws and wider poverty issues.

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