This special section focuses on issues that can help ethnic elders live with dignity and security with the essential income seniors need to maintain their homes, health and peace of mind as they age. New America Media is grateful to The Atlantic Philanthropies for their support in creating this vital website. This section is edited by NAM Ethnic Elders Newsbeat Director Paul Kleyman. Please direct question to him at
Black, Old and Locked Up: The Stresses of Release and Reentry

Black, Old and Locked Up: The Stresses of Release and Reentry

Miami Times/New America Media , News Feature, Carolyn Guniss , Posted: Jul 29, 2016

America’s prisons are filled with older inmates, most of them black. Many are being released after decades, but reentry-to-society programs are inadequate.


'It's Not Just About Toilets' -- A 'Bellwether' of City's Response to Homelessness


New America Media, News Feature, Anna Challet, Posted: Jun 29, 2016

The city's inaction on providing adequate hygiene facilities plays a major role in keeping people from exiting homelessness.


Homeless But at Home in San Francisco


New America Media, Profile, Anna Challet, Posted: Jun 27, 2016

To the average observer, San Francisco's homeless population might look chaotic, a sign of the widening cracks in the city's facade.


AGING IN THE FIELDS: Retirement Followed by a Return to Work


Capital & Main/New America Media , News Report, David Bacon, Posted: Jun 01, 2016

The number of older farm workers is growing. Almost a third of them are over 45. In 2001 only 19 percent were over 45.


AGING IN THE FIELDS: No Alternative But to Keep Working


Capital & Main/New America Media , News Feature, David Bacon, Posted: May 30, 2016

Like thousands of undocumented farmworkers, Anastasia Flores has aged faster than her 56 years. They pay Social Security, but can’t get its benefits in old age.


Life Interrupted: African American Seniors Surviving the Housing Crisis


Inland Valley News/New America Media , News Report, Sheri Stuart, Posted: May 28, 2016

Among African Americans and Latinos devastated by the Housing crisis, elders have had the hardest time recovering. Good programs are helping--but seniors must be cautious.


New Voting Laws Block Little Fraud--But Many Elders, Women, Minorities


New America Media, News Report, Paul Kleyman, Posted: May 25, 2016

Voter-ID laws in some states are blocking lower-income minority and naturalized citizens--along with many elders--from their right to vote.


Chicago Senior Services Help Latino Elders Face Isolation, Depression


La Raza/New America Media, News Report, Marcela Cartagena, Posted: May 04, 2016

Social isolation can be worse than smoking and hypertension, experts say. Read the stories of two Latina elders in Chicago living alone with some help from senior services.


Latino Elders Increasingly Alone and Isolated in Chicago


La Raza/New America Media , News Feature, Marcela Cartagena, Posted: May 02, 2016

The aging of Chicago , like that of the U.S., is leaving many elders alone and often socially isolated. Researchers say that’s especially difficult for older Latinos.


Old and Homeless: Aging Hard and Fast on Spokane’s Streets


Spokane Spokesman-Review/New America Media , News Report, Tyler Tjomsland, Posted: Apr 27, 2016

Grow old along the streets--the worst is yet to be. Homeless outreach workers are witnessing the accelerated aging of Spokane’s poorest seniors.

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