Health Care Reform is Changing Lives
California Slaps Surcharge On ACA Plans As Trump Remains Coy On Subsidies

California Slaps Surcharge On ACA Plans As Trump Remains Coy On Subsidies

California Healthline, News Report, Chad Terhune, Posted: Oct 12, 2017

The Trump administration has yet to commit to paying a key set of consumer subsidies under the Affordable Care Act.


5 Takeaways From Congress' Failure To Extend Funding For Children's Coverage


Kaiser Health News, News Report, Phil Galewitz, Posted: Oct 04, 2017

CHIP covers 9 million kids, and until Congress renews it, states are cut off from additional funding that helps lower- and middle-income families.


Congress' Cold Shoulder Sends Shivers Through Community Health Centers


California Healthline, News Report, Rachel Bluth, Posted: Sep 27, 2017

With 4 days left in the government's fiscal year, Congress has not voted on reauthorizing billions of dollars now going to community health centers.


Medicaid is Essential to Our Health Care System


New America Media, Commentary, Carmela Castellano-Garcia , Posted: Sep 07, 2017

Two failed attempts by the US Senate to repeal the Affordable Care Act does not mean the battle to protect health care as a right is over. Medicaid, so essential to our health care system, is still in jeopardy.


Telehealth -- A 'Glimmer of Hope' on Health Care Front


New America Media, News Report, Eric Licas, Posted: Aug 21, 2017

Tele-health, that allows patients living in remote areas to access care from even health care specialists will result in not only better health incomes but the efficiency of clinicians as well.


California Kids Still Face Risks to Health Care


New America Media, News Report, Viji Sundaram, Posted: Aug 14, 2017

With Republicans still bent on doing President Trump's bidding and overhauling the U.S. health care system, Californians should do everything to fight back, health care advocates say.


Blind Senate: Healthcare Vote Minus A Draft, Public Hearings, Or Common Sense


Trahant Reports, News Analysis, Mark Trahant , Posted: Jul 24, 2017

The Senate will vote to remake the healthcare system without a draft circulated for debate, public hearings, or common sense.


McCain’s Health Battle Casts Ugly Glare on GOP Healthcare Assault


New America Media, Commentary, Earl Ofari Hutchinson, Posted: Jul 21, 2017

McCain's high quality care for cancer treatment at government expense is the best argument that all should receive the same quality of care.


The Alaska Fix: How the Senate Could Fix Health Care & Govern in the Trump Era


Trahant Reports, News Analysis, Mark Trahant, Posted: Jul 19, 2017

The Senate will be on record. And we will know which Republicans are more loyal to their party than the country.


The Need to Fundamentally Recast the Healthcare Debate?


National Institute for Latino Policy (NiLP), Commentary, Angelo Falcon, Posted: Jun 27, 2017

The debate over the Republican Party's campaign to repeal Obamacare has focused mostly on the vote counting and less on the specifics of the proposed legislation.

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