Watching Your Kids Grow Up Through the Border Wall

Watching Your Kids Grow Up Through the Border Wall

New America Media, Photo Essay, David Bacon, Posted: Apr 02, 2017

It took two days on the bus for Catalina Cespedes and her husband to get from their hometown in Puebla to Tijuana.


La Opinion: Mexico at a Crossroads


La Opinion, Editorial, Staff, Posted: Feb 27, 2017

Mexico must grant Central American undocumented people the same rights and treatment it demands from the U.S.


In Havana, Fear the Trump-Putin 'Bromance' Will Lead to Invasion


New America Media, News Analysis, Louis Nevaer, Posted: Jan 04, 2017

Cuba fears the "bromance" between Trump and Putin will result in a U.S. invasion of the communist island.


NAFTA’s Failures Finally Get Air Time, Thanks to Trump


New America Media, Commentary, Louis Nevaer, Posted: Jun 07, 2016

NAFTA’s market failures have festered sores that Donald Trump has masterfully pointed out.

Mexican President Proposes Legalizing Same-Sex Marriage


Univision, News Report, Posted: May 17, 2016

Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto announced this week that he has proposed a change to the Mexican Constitution that would legalize same-sex marriage nationwide.


Mexico’s Elite Might Just Favor Trump


New America Media, Commentary, Louis E.V. Nevaer, Posted: May 04, 2016

Despite his anti-Mexico rhetoric, Donald Trump seems to have a certain appeal to the country's most affluent.


Report on 43 Missing Students Conflicts with Mexico's Official Version


La Opinion, Editorial, Staff, Posted: Apr 25, 2016

Editors of La Opinion write that all the signs of impunity and judicial incompetence are present.

Dems Stand Against Raids


New America Media, News Report, Posted: Jan 12, 2016

146 Democrats in the House signed a letter to President Obama denouncing the raids targeting refugees from Central America.

Mexicans Go After Sean Penn’s Chapo Interview With #NoSeanPenndejos Hashtag


Fusion, News Report, Posted: Jan 11, 2016

Mexicans came up with the hashtag #NoSeanPenndejos, a play on words on the actor’s name.

Fiction, Fantasy and Reality Blur in Mexico's Narcodrama


Frontera NorteSur, News Report, Kent Paterson, Posted: Jan 11, 2016

A strong current of skepticism runs through public opinion in Mexico concerning the official story of El Chapo's recapture.

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