Spreading the Word to Diverse Communities About PrEP

Spreading the Word to Diverse Communities About PrEP

New America Media, News Report, Anna Challet, Posted: Nov 02, 2017

"We don't see Latinos, we don't see Blacks, we definitely don't see women and trans women as part of the imagery that's promoting PrEP."


New Push Urges Immigrants to File for Citizenship in Illinois


New America Media, News Report, Frederick Lowe, Posted: Oct 30, 2017

A coalition of immigrant rights groups have joined a campaign urging permanent residents to apply for citizenship after Illinois restored funding for immigration services.


Can Technology Predict Falls in Older Adults?


Next Avenue/New America Media, News Report, Randy Rieland, Posted: Oct 23, 2017

Fascinating new research--from home sensors to virtual reality--sheds light on how to prevent deadly falls in older people.


Generational, Race Gaps Divide Voters in New Jersey Governor's Race


Africa Sun Times, Question & Answer, Abba Onyeani, Posted: Oct 10, 2017

Mike Smith, a 38-year-old resident of East Orange, says he’s skeptical about the two candidates running to replace outgoing Governor Chris Christie.


For One Entrepreneur, American Dream Means Helping Immigrants Live With 'Pride and Dignity'


New America Media, News Report, Rong Xiaoqing, Posted: Oct 10, 2017

Tommy Xie came to the United States at 17 hoping to achieve the American Dream. Today, he says that dream is now focused on helping his fellow Chinese Americans.


‘We Are All Excludeds’ - Ethnic Media Panel Discuss New Exhibit on Japanese Internment


New America Media, News Report, Peter Schurmann, Posted: Oct 09, 2017

Could voices of ordinary citizens have stopped the internment of Japanese Americans in WWII? This is the question panelists discussed during a forum in San Francisco.


Trump’s Imminent Withdrawal from the Iran Deal Will Endanger the World


New America Media, Commentary, William O. Beeman, Posted: Oct 06, 2017

On October 15, Trump will reportedly "decertify" American participation in this historical agreement. This action is dangerous.


‘Ending Ageism’ Author Tells Readers ‘How Not to Shoot Old People’


New America Media, Profile, Paul Kleyman, Posted: Oct 06, 2017

The author if the new book "Ending Ageism: How Not to Shoot Old People," wants us to be more aware of how age bias doubles down on prejudice for us all.


Diary of A Reluctant Dreamer: An Interview with Alberto Ledesma


New America Media, Question & Answer, Andrew Lam, Posted: Oct 02, 2017

Writer Alberto Ledesma's latest book is a series of visual vignettes that focus on his experience as an undocumented immigrant student during the early 1980s.


Guatemalans Celebrate Beatification of First U.S.-Born Martyr


New America Media, News Report, Mary Jo McConahay, Posted: Oct 02, 2017

While Fr. Stanley Francis Rother was being beatified at Cox Stadium in Oklahoma City, townspeople in Guatemala celebrated their beloved "Padre Apla's" as their own.

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