Working the 24-Hour Shift, With No Time to Be a Teen

Working the 24-Hour Shift, With No Time to Be a Teen

New America Media/Richmond Pulse, Commentary, Imani Lopez, Posted: Sep 25, 2017

I take a deep breath before opening the door to my first Friday class. I am once again ten minutes late.


What Fairfield Gets Right - Making Young People’s Voices Heard


New America Media/Richmond Pulse, Commentary, Eric Cortes, Posted: Sep 25, 2017

Young people are a huge part of what shapes Fairfield’s identity, and part of what makes Fairfield unique is that our city officials are willing to hear what young people have to say.


Music Brings Healing, Comfort to the Dying


KALW Public Radio/New America Media, News Report, JoAnn Mar, Posted: Sep 25, 2017

There's an increased use of live music at major hospitals and hospices to bring healing and comfort to people who are near death.


NAM Honors 'Ethnic Media Champions' at 2017 Awards Celebration


New America Media, Event, Posted: Sep 20, 2017

More than 200 people turned out Tuesday for the 2017 NAM California Ethnic Media Awards in downtown San Francisco.


In Little Haiti, 'Everyone Has Opened Their Hearts' Since Irma


New America Media, News Report, Erin Marcus, Posted: Sep 19, 2017

More than 500 other people gathered at Miami's Little Haiti Cultural Center on Friday for a free cookout as the area works to recover from Hurricane Irma.


'Aging in Place’ Takes Less Positive Meaning for Many Detroit Elders


Detroit Journalism Cooperative/New America Media , News Report, Julia Kassem, Posted: Sep 17, 2017

"Aging in place," at home, instead of a nursing home, is what most want. But for too many Detroit elders, accessible choices are far and few between.


‘Perfect Storm’ Threatens Successful 2020 Census


New America Media, Op-ed, Terri Ann Lowenthal, Posted: Sep 15, 2017

There are growing concerns about the Census Bureau’s ability to pull off a successful 2020 Census – one that counts all communities equally well.


Balancing Mobility and Fear of Falls in Seniors


US News & World Report/New America Media , News Feature, Lisa Esposito , Posted: Sep 15, 2017

Over 30 percent of adults living in a community (not in an assisted-living facility or nursing home) fall each year. Experts say being sedentary actually raises that risk.


Trump Administration Signals Plans to Abandon Iran Deal


New America Media, Op-ed, William O. Beeman, Posted: Sep 12, 2017

The Trump administration is frantically working to undermine the Iran deal ahead of a looming deadline on the suspension of sanctions.


Stanford ‘Letter Project’ Makes End-of-Life Wishes Clear in Many Languages


Next Avenue/New America Media , News Report, Beth Baker, Posted: Sep 12, 2017

Stanford University created an informal, but legally binding letter elders can write stating their end-of-life wishes to family members and doctors in any of eight languages.

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