‘Health For All’ Bill Would Fix Hole in the Affordable Care Act

‘Health For All’ Bill Would Fix Hole in the Affordable Care Act

New America Media, News Report, Anna Challet, Posted: Sep 30, 2014

With immigration reform delayed at the federal level, Assemblymember Rob Bonta is gearing up to bring health coverage to everyone, regardless of immigration status.


In the Shadow of the Border Wall


New America Media, Photo Essay, David Bacon, Posted: Sep 30, 2014

The border often seems a chasm separating wealth and poverty. But the lives of people who have no home are basically the same, regardless of which side they live on.


Could More Low-Income Women Benefit From Doulas?


VoiceWaves / New America Media, News Report, Deonna Anderson, Posted: Sep 28, 2014

Research suggests that doulas could benefit at-risk mothers but there are barriers, both real and perceived, to accessing them.


CA Program May Simplify Healthcare Paperwork for Low-Income Patients


El Tecolote/New America Media , News Report, María Antonieta Mejía , Posted: Sep 28, 2014

Many California low-income seniors and people with disabilities may find a new program can help them cut through Medicare and Medi-Cal paperwork.


Minnesotans Show How to Create ‘Dementia-Friendly’ Communities


Park Bugle/New America Media, News Report, Warren Wolfe, Posted: Sep 27, 2014

Over 40 states have plans for the growing senior population with Alzheimer’s. Minnesotans want their communities to be safe and “dementia friendly.”


Reflecting on Obama’s Promise to Fix Immigration Policy—What to Do Now?


New America Media, Op-ed, Ed Kissam, Posted: Sep 26, 2014

Pro-immigrant voters should go to the polls to send the message that executive action, when it comes, must be big, bold, and for real.


Why Latino Leaders Are Wrong to Stand With Obama on Immigration


South Kern Sol / New America Media, Commentary, Gonzalo Santos, Posted: Sep 23, 2014

In siding with Obama, high profile Latino leaders like Dolores Huerta are putting party politics ahead of community needs.


Music to Their Ears - New Push for Arts Education in New Orleans


New America Media, Video, George White, Posted: Sep 17, 2014

After Hurricane Katrina, a back-to-basics education reform movement all but eliminated music instruction in New Orleans. Now there's a push to bring it back.


Cemetery Honors Vietnamese Who Fought Alongside U.S. Troops


New America Media, News Report, Ngoc Nguyen, Posted: Sep 16, 2014

Barred from national V.A. cemeteries, South Vietnamese veterans are establishing a resting place to honor their own.


Calif. Filipinos Struggling With Promising New Low-Income Care Program


Asian Journal/New America Media , News Report, Christian Esteban, Posted: Sep 15, 2014

Low-income California Filipinos and advocates say new state health program is confusing, but holds promise for better care.

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