Eric Holder Was Our Firewall Against GOP Bigotry

Eric Holder Was Our Firewall Against GOP Bigotry

New America Media, Commentary, Earl Ofari Hutchinson, Posted: Sep 26, 2014

Attorney General Eric Holder will leave behind a legacy of accomplishment in the areas of race relations and civil rights, much to the chagrin of his detractors.


Reflecting on Obama’s Promise to Fix Immigration Policy—What to Do Now?


New America Media, Op-ed, Ed Kissam, Posted: Sep 26, 2014

Pro-immigrant voters should go to the polls to send the message that executive action, when it comes, must be big, bold, and for real.


Fighting ISIS: A Coalition of Uncertainty


Arab American News, News Analysis, Thomas Lippman, Posted: Sep 25, 2014

President Obama's challenge in opposing ISIS is considerably murkier than the last time the U.S. led countries into war in the Middle East.


The Latino Political House is Divided: Which Side Are You On - Immigrant Families or the Democratic Party?


New America Media, Op-ed, Carlos Arango, Juan José Bocanegra, Armando Vazquez-Ramos, and Nativo Vigil Lopez, Posted: Sep 25, 2014

Due to Obama’s betrayal and the Democratic Party’s desperate gamble to protect control of the Senate, Latino voters are now at a crucial crossroad.


Will Ferguson Be a Tipping Point for Black Youth Voter Turnout?


New America Media, News Report, Khalil Abdullah , Posted: Sep 22, 2014

Civil rights leaders hope to increase African American youth voter turnout by citing the police shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo.


Six Reasons Why Hmong Americans Should Vote This Year


TC Daily Planet, Commentary, Tiffany Vang, Posted: Sep 12, 2014

Historically, the Hmong community has had one of the lowest voter turnouts, but with outreach campaigns there have been considerable advances made.


Native Vote Counts More in ’14 According to the Math


Indian Country, News Analysis, New America Media, Posted: Sep 11, 2014

Low-turnout elections, whether primary or the general, favor the few, the organized, and, perhaps, Native voters.


September 23 -- An Earth Day for Voters


New America Media, News Report, Anna Challet, Posted: Sep 11, 2014

In a world where every day is a holiday a group of organizations came together and decided that surely one of these days should be dedicated to voter registration.

SF Ordinance Would Provide $1 Million to Help Refugee Children Facing Deportations


CIPC, Press Release, Posted: Sep 10, 2014

The proposal now heads to the full board of supervisors for consideration, and an initial vote is expected on September 16.

Gubernatorial Hopeful Neel Kashkari 'On Point' in Debate


India West, News Analysis, Posted: Sep 10, 2014

California gubernatorial hopeful Neel Kashkari was the clear winner in the Sept. 4 debate against Gov. Jerry Brown.

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