The Fight to Protect Voting Rights Continues #StayWoke

The Fight to Protect Voting Rights Continues #StayWoke

Black Voice News, Op-ed, Derrick Johnson, Posted: Oct 16, 2017

Without true voter protection, integrity and universal access, America's light on the hill dims.


New Head of Leadership Conference Says Now a 'Bleak Time' for Civil Rights


New America Media, Question & Answer, Khalil Abdullah, Posted: Aug 16, 2017

"Nothing Like a Crisis to Sharpen One's Thinking" -- a profile of new CEO of Leadership Council on Human Rights, Vanita Gupta.


New Jersey Couple Continues Lifetime of Activism in Chinese Community


Sing Tao Daily, News Feature, Rong Xioqing, Posted: Aug 08, 2017

Their election caps decades of activism that continues to put priority on the local Chinese community over and above party loyalty.


New ‘Poor People’s’ Leader: Anti-Voter Laws Worse Than Russian Meddling


New America Media, News Analysis, Mary Claire Blakeman, Posted: Jun 12, 2017

Bolstered by new Supreme Court rulings, Rev. William Barber will head the Poor People’s Campaign to fight voter suppression laws and wider poverty issues.


As Trump Conjures the Voter Fraud Boogeyman, Voter Suppression is the Real Issue


New America Media, News Report, Anna Challet, Posted: Oct 14, 2016

As Trump roams the country encouraging hatred of immigrants and distrust of the election process, it's people of color who have to worry.

Overcoming Voter Suppression Beyond the Voting Rights Act: Connecting with AAPIs on the Why


International Examiner, Op-ed, Derrick De Vera, Posted: Sep 27, 2016

In essence, local jurisdictions can just implement changes to voting practices without federal oversight, even with a history of voter discrimination. However, voter suppression comes in all shapes and sizes.


Voter Suppression Still Evident, CBCF Panel Warns


Washington Informer, News Report, William J Ford, Posted: Sep 19, 2016

Alabama is one of several states requiring photo identification to vote in the general election in November.


Why I’m Taking a Stand Against Vote Suppression in Arizona


Navajo Times, Commentary, Peterson Zah, Posted: Sep 06, 2016

Two Mohave-Apache, veterans of World War II, fought all the way to the Arizona Supreme Court to secure the right to vote.


Why the South China Sea Could Be the Key to Winning in Swing States


New America Media, News Analysis, Andrew Lam, Posted: Aug 09, 2016

All politics is local. But given shifting demographics, local also means the assurance of strong foreign policy experience.


Editorial: A Victory for Voters


La Opinion, Editorial, Posted: Jul 26, 2016

Texas voters won an important victory. More than 600,000 voters who might have been prevented from voting in the November presidential election will be able to go to the polls thanks to changes in the state’s voter identification law ordered by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit.

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