Lack of Information and Funds Keeps DACA Applications Low

Lack of Information and Funds Keeps DACA Applications Low

EGP, News Report, Jacqueline García, Posted: Apr 05, 2014

An estimated 1.6 million undocumented individuals are eligible to receive deferred action status, but fewer than half of those who may qualify have applied.


Can President Obama Stop Deportations?


Equal Voice News, News Report, Maureen O'Hagan, Posted: Apr 04, 2014

Since Pres. Barack Obama took office in 2009, almost 2 million people have been deported.


A Vow to End Maryland’s Diversion of Foster Youth’s Benefits


New America Media, News Report, Khalil Abdullah, Posted: Apr 02, 2014

Federal benefits for individual foster youth are routinely used by the vast majority of states to reimburse themselves.

Youth Creates Science Project That Gives The Blind Hope


Asian Fortune, News Report, Posted: Mar 27, 2014

“Google it,” Neil told his son, which led the young California boy to learn about Braille. He was stunned, however, that an average Braille printer costs $2,000.


Indie Rock Band Wins Over Toughest Critics: Their Immigrant Parents


KoreAm, News Feature, Steve Han, Posted: Mar 27, 2014

Performing on TV "gave us another year before our parents asked why we weren’t in law school," said Run River North singer Alex Hwang.


Why Oakland's a Tech Start-up Game Changer


Oakland Local, News Report, Barbara Grady, Posted: Mar 13, 2014

Oakland’s tech industry appears to be more diverse than the largely white male and Asian male tech industries across the bay and down the peninsula.


The Untapped Movement to Shrink Mass Incarceration


Silicon Valley De-Bug, Video, Raj Jayadev, Posted: Mar 13, 2014

Is it time for community members to work with an often overwhelmed public defender system to keep people out of prison in the U.S.? One organizer in California says, "Yes."

Lawsuit: Juvenile Solitary Confinement Blocks Education


Colorlines, News Report, Posted: Mar 03, 2014

The Obama administration has a message for juvenile detention facilities: All kids—even youth with disabilities held in solitary confinement—are entitled to appropriate public education.


Jordan Davis: A Dream Denied


The Root, Commentary, Demetria L. Lucas, Posted: Feb 19, 2014

He deserved to grow up to become an adult who rolls his eyes when teenagers goof off too much, drive too fast and play their music too loud.


Parental Support Crucial for Teen Moms


South Kern Sol / New America Media, Profile, Teresa Cervantes, Posted: Feb 15, 2014

Parents are often a difference maker in determining whether a teen mother will flourish or flounder.

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