A Parent’s Guide to Preventing Suicide

A Parent’s Guide to Preventing Suicide

Mundo Hispánico, News Feature, Johanes Roselló, Translated by Elena Shore, Posted: Oct 16, 2014

Today, Brandon's parents are able to see some of the signs they missed that their son was in trouble.


Korean TV Show Tackles Taboo Subject of Mental Illness


New America Media, News Report, YeoJin Kim, Posted: Oct 15, 2014

A TV drama set in the mental health ward of a hospital is sparking conversations in South Korea.

Young Black Men 21 Times More Likely Than Whites to Be Shot Dead by Police


Propublica, News Report, Posted: Oct 13, 2014

Young black males in recent years were at a far greater risk of being shot dead by police than their white counterparts – 21 times greater i, according to a ProPublica analysis of federally collected data on fatal police shootings.


Filmmaker's Debut ‘Purgatorio’ Brings New Look to the Border


LA Beez, News Feature, Eduardo Stanley, Posted: Oct 12, 2014

A young, Latino filmmaker from California's Central Valley garners praise with first documentary about immigrants on the border.


A Year After a Teen was Tased, Will Texas Protect Students?


Equal Voice News, News Report, Alex Ashley, Posted: Oct 10, 2014

The case of Noe Niño de Rivera still lacks a full public answer as to why a school resource officer used a taser on him at his high school in November 2013.


San Jose Youth Respond to County Plan to Use Pepper Spray in Juvenile Hall


Silicon Valley De-Bug, First Person, De-Bug High staff, Posted: Oct 09, 2014

Santa Clara County approved a pilot program to allow the use of pepper spray against juvenile hall wards starting next month. Youth in San Jose say the weapon's use could lead to abuse.


‘Youth of Color’ Voting Still Critical in Competitive Political Races


New America Media, News Report, Khalil Abdullah, Posted: Oct 08, 2014

The youth vote could affect the outcome in November’s competitive political races include Alaska, Colorado, and Louisiana, according to an analysis CIRCLE.


The Sketchbook Diary of Hong Kong’s Protests


JMSC Reports on Occupy Central, News Feature, Posted: Oct 06, 2014

China has so far let Hong Kong authorities deal with the protest and played a game of patience. But as every side camps on its position, a middle ground becomes harder to reach and odds of a more violent conclusion are growing.


Hong Kong’s ‘Che’ Points at the Collapsing Facade of Elitist Hong Kong


New America Media, News Analysis, Yoichi Shimatsu, Posted: Oct 03, 2014

The sudden reversal of political fortunes in Hong Kong has thrown everything wide open, as the elitist power structure crumbles.


Before Enduring We Will Not Endure it: Notes From the Hong Kong Protests


New America Media, Op-ed, Posted: Oct 03, 2014

Our arms and eyes saran-wrapped against the burning of pepper sprays. Surgical masks and wetted towels ready in case of teargas bombing

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