Hella Used to Mean Something

Hella Used to Mean Something

Richmond Pulse, Commentary, Russel Morse, Posted: Jan 17, 2017

When I was a kid, hella used to mean something. Now hella has gone where slang words go to die: The Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

Bill Clinton Becomes First U.S. President to Visit Richmond


Richmond Pulse, News Report, Mitzi Perez, Posted: Jun 08, 2016

Former President Bill Clinton visited Richmond the day before the primary election to campaign in support of his wife and possible Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.


Three Year Window For Nonviolent Felons To Change Records - and Lives


Richmond Pulse, News Report, Nancy DeVille, Posted: May 06, 2015

Under Prop 47, some Californians can get their felonies downgraded to misdemeanors. But they only have three years to apply.


Study: Gentrification a 'Real Threat' in Richmond


Richmond Pulse, News Report, RP Editors, Posted: Mar 10, 2015

As concerns about affordable housing and gentrification grow in Richmond, a new study finds that it may not be too late to prevent residents from being displaced.


The College Myth: Why Most Students Need More Than Four Years


Richmond Pulse, Commentary, Joanna Pulido, Posted: Jan 21, 2015

In universities across California it’s difficult for students to graduate on time because of space constraints, tuition costs, and generally not enough courses offered.


A Model for Police Reform


Richmond Pulse, News Report, Brett Murphy, Posted: Jan 14, 2015

Changes to policing in Richmond, Calif. that are now bearing fruit in improved community relations offer a model for departments nationwide.


Marginalized On Campus, Black High School Students and Parents Organize


Richmond Pulse / New America Media, News Report, Chanelle Ignant, Posted: May 10, 2014

Their numbers on campus shrinking, black students at Richmond High feel ignored -- but new parent and student groups seek to change that.


Chevron Joins News Publisher Wars in Richmond, Calif.


New America Media, News Report, Sukey Lewis and Asha Dumonthier , Posted: Feb 12, 2014

Chevron is the latest player in a new crop of news media outlets in this environmental battleground city east of San Francisco.


Young Men Deserve Credit in Drop in Richmond Violence


New America Media, Commentary, DeVone Boggan, Posted: Jan 10, 2014

Richmond, Calif. has made strides in combating gun violence, in part, through an innovative city mentoring program for young men.


Racist Remarks Put Obscure Elected Official Under Spotlight


Richmond Pulse/New America Media, News Report, Malcolm Marshall, Posted: Oct 26, 2013

Some Richmond councilmembers called on Battaglia to resign.

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