Black LGBT Seniors Struggle with Double Discrimination

Black LGBT Seniors Struggle with Double Discrimination

Bay Area Reporter/New America Media , News Feature, Matthew S. Bajko, Posted: Apr 20, 2014

In San Francisco, African American LGBT seniors face double discrimination from racism and ageism, a recent report shows.


LGBT Groups Working to End Seniors’ Isolation


Bay Area Reporter/New America Media , News Feature, Matthew S. Bajko, Posted: Apr 18, 2014

Discrimination and lack of family leave many LGBT seniors isolated and even suicidal. But New York and San Francisco are seeing changes.


Experts Warn Sleepless Seniors Overusing Store Drugs, But Can Find Help


Senior News 50 & Better/New America Media , News Feature, Dawn Williams , Posted: Apr 13, 2014

Can’t sleep? Studies warn seniors to visit their doctor before another trip to buy store sleep aids that can cause big health care headaches over time.


Un-Retiring? Here’s How To Connect With A Career Coach


Forbes/New America Media, News Feature, Kerry Hannon, Posted: Apr 12, 2014

If you’re 65-plus and want to rock on, not get in a rocker, what will you do next? Author Kerry Hannon has tips on how to find the best career coach for you.


LGBT Latino Seniors Face Housing Crunch, Isolation in San Francisco


New America Media, News Report, Matthew S. Bajko, Posted: Apr 10, 2014

Recent reports show many LGBT Latino seniors experience multiple layers of discrimination, housing limitations and can’t count on community support.


Trauma of AIDS Epidemic Impacts Aging Survivors


Bay Area Reporter/New America Media , News Report, Matthew S. Bajko, Posted: Apr 09, 2014

Science now enables those with HIV to survive--and many are aging isolated and depressed. Some are organizing for group support and better services.


Senior Centers’ Casino Trips Help Drive Gambling Addiction


Buffalo News/New America Media , News Feature, Melinda Miller , Posted: Apr 07, 2014

As gambling addiction grows among seniors, researchers try catching up in a seeming race to stop the cash flow between casino ATMs and slot machines.


Geriatric Doctor Wants ERs to Face the Holistic Music, But It’s Not Everyone


Rogue Valley Messenger/New America Media , News Feature, Jennifer Margulis , Posted: Apr 06, 2014

Emergency room experiences can differ sharply between attentive small hospital and big, impersonal ERs. One geriatrician wants ERs to face the holistic music.


Aging Alaska Faced Looming Shortage of Care Providers


KNBA/New America Media, News Feature, Joaqlin Estus , Posted: Mar 30, 2014

Alaska’s Native and rural elders are increasing rapidly, but experts project too few doctors and other health workers to care for them.


In Alaska, Riskier Lifestyle Contributes to Shorter Longevity


KNBA Radio/New America Media , News Report, Joaqlin Estus , Posted: Mar 26, 2014

Alaskans live shorter than most other Americans—and Alaskan Natives live shorter still.

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