Doctor With Parkinson’s Fights Latino Culture’s Silence, Denial and Isolation

Doctor With Parkinson’s Fights Latino Culture’s Silence, Denial and Isolation

HuffPost Voces/New America Media , News Feature, Yolanda González Gómez , Posted: Jan 24, 2015

Neurologist María de León, MD, is not only an expert on Parkinson’s, but also has the disease. She founded the group Defeat Parkinson’s to help Latinos in particular.


Parkinson’s, Pesticides and Poverty--The Dilemma of Latino Denial


HuffPost Voces/New America Media , News Feature, Yolanda González Gómez , Posted: Jan 22, 2015

Latinos have among the highest levels of Parkinson’s disease due to pesticides, poverty, culture and other factors. Experts say they can control its effects by keeping moving.


A Small Business Solution to Shrinking Workforce--Hire Seniors


Yahoo Small Business/New America Media , News Feature, Mark Taylor , Posted: Jan 18, 2015

As competition heats up for reliable, experienced workers small businesses should stop ignoring one source of potential employees--older Americans.


Irish Doctor’s Wisdom on the Art of Aging


Irish Echo/New America Media , News Feature, Peter McDermott , Posted: Jan 15, 2015

Late art by Matisse, or “Mr. Turner” show age isn’t just a period of loss and decline, but of “optimal aging” with the resilience we need to honor in elders.


Villages Offer Services and Community for Bay Area Seniors


KALW-FM/New America Media , News Feature, Jen Chien, Posted: Jan 12, 2015

Seniors are banding together in nonprofit “villages” to help pay for shared services, such as transportation, meal delivery or social activities.


New Program Combines Medicare and Medi-Cal in Santa Clara County


Alianza News/New America Media , News Report, Gerardo Fernandez , Posted: Jan 11, 2015

Santa Clara County starts new state program to coordinate the health and social services for “dual eligible,” those who receive both Medicare and Medi-Cal.


Texas Researchers Seek World War II Vets for Study on Memory, Identity


KUT-FM/New America Media , News Report, Veronica Zaragovia, Posted: Jan 10, 2015

New memory research in Texas shows that World War II veterans often have vivid recollections both combat and the times.


Oakland’s New Road to Seniors' Independence Starts Construction


Oakland Local/New America Media , News Report, Laura McCamy, Posted: Jan 08, 2015

Advocates in Oakland, Calif., for low-income, ethnic elders hope an innovative new transit line being built will help senior to keep living independently.


Study Exposes Nursing Home Residents’ Aggression Against Each Other


Columbus Dispatch/New America Media , News Report, Encarnacion Pyle , Posted: Jan 07, 2015

New research reveals that one in five nursing home residents suffer verbal, physical or sexual abuse by other--often mentally disturbed--residents.


‘Kill the Pain, Not the Patient’--Catholicism's Message on Palliative Care America Media , News Feature, Vivian Zalvidea Araullo, Posted: Jan 02, 2015

Despite misunderstandings about Catholic teachings, Filipino elders are learning that it’s okay to allow palliative or hospice care “kill the pain, not the patient.”

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