INVISIBLE IN NEW YORK: Older, Black and Eeking Out a Living

INVISIBLE IN NEW YORK: Older, Black and Eeking Out a Living

Amsterdam News/New America Media , News Feature, Gregg Morris, Posted: Jan 03, 2017

She was a successful black professional, then laid off after 16 years--add employment age discrimination and eldercare duties for a story of midlife struggle.


AGING IN THE FIELDS: Retirement Followed by a Return to Work


Capital & Main/New America Media , News Report, David Bacon, Posted: Jun 01, 2016

The number of older farm workers is growing. Almost a third of them are over 45. In 2001 only 19 percent were over 45.


Old and Off the Grid--Facing Cancer in the Rugged Northwest


Spokesman-Review/New America Media , Profile, Erica Curless , Posted: Jul 05, 2015

Despite fighting cancer in rural Washington State, Bob Faller, 79, remains fiercely independent, defying the system with help from alternative medicine, yoga and his wife, Jane.


Mervin Field: The King of Data Long Before Data Became King


New America Media, Commentary, Sandy Close, Posted: Jun 09, 2015

Mervin Field, founder of The Field Poll, died on Monday at his home in Tiburon at the age of 94. He will officially be remembered as a trailblazing pollster. But he was more.


UC Student Looks to Fill Medical Gap in Central Valley


New America Media, Profile, Peter Schurmann, Posted: Sep 06, 2014

For UC Merced junior Benny Escobedo, opportunities to practice medicine in the Central Valley are only going to expand.


FACTS ON ETHNIC ELDERS: Little Help for Prisoners Released After Decades


New America Media, News Feature, Paul Kleyman, Posted: Feb 10, 2014

Efforts to reduce the huge and costly U.S. prison population mean more 50+ inmates will be released. But they’ll need help beyond housing and an income.


Elder Artisan Weaves Alamo Navajo Heritage for New Generations


Navajo Times/New America Media , News Feature, Colleen Keane, Posted: Jan 05, 2014

Navajo’s Isabelle Pino-Thomas, 78, sustains the distinctive Alamo style both through weaving and teaching the heritage art to new generations.




New America Media, Question & Answer, Khalil Abdullah, Posted: Dec 05, 2013

編者按:在2013年9月達倫﹒沃克(Darren Walker) 成為了福特基金會(Ford Foundation)第10任總裁,他同時也是會內第二位非裔會長。福特基金會是全美第二大的慈善機構,每年提供5億美元的捐贈。沃克最初從事法律和銀行工作,在跨足慈善事業前,沃克曾擔任紐約一家非營利機構的首席運營官。在2010年擔任福特基金會副總裁前,他曾任職於洛克菲勒基金會(Rockefeller Foundation)。本篇文章是沃克在其紐約辦公室接受新美國傳媒國際記者艾布韓(Khalil Abdullah)的專訪。


Visionary Japanese American Sculptor, Educator Ruth Asawa, 87, Dies


Rafu Shimpo, Profile, J.K. Yamamoto, Posted: Aug 14, 2013

Sculptor and arts educator Ruth Asawa, 87, died last week. Held in the U.S. Japanese internment of WWII, she’d win fame and respect for her art and arts advocacy.


Lily Chen: A Fortunate Decision


New America Media, Profile, Sam Pearson, Posted: Apr 17, 2013

Chen used to type up stories produced on typewriters into primitive early 1990s computer systems for her father.

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