Obama’s Plan for Immigration Reform - What You Need to Know

Obama’s Plan for Immigration Reform - What You Need to Know

New America Media, News Report, Staff, Posted: Nov 26, 2014

Answers to the most frequently asked questions about Obama's executive action on immigration.


PEP-Comm: A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing?


New America Media, Commentary, Reshma Shamasunder, Posted: Nov 25, 2014

The controversial Secure Communities program is no more, but is the government's new immigration law enforcement plan really any better?


Obama Should Follow Bush Sr.'s Example, Support Federal Prosecution of Ferguson Cop


New America Media, Commentary, Earl Ofari Hutchinson, Posted: Nov 25, 2014

Twenty-two years ago, President Bush allowed federal charges to be brought against the cops who beat Rodney King. Now, Obama could do the same in Ferguson.


Left Out of Obama’s Executive Action: Many LGBT Families


New America Media, Op-ed, Maya Rupert, Posted: Nov 24, 2014

Some state laws prevent same-sex partners from having legally recognized relationships with their children.


Youths Take to Social Media to Grieve Marion Barry, Decry Negative Coverage


Washington Informer, News Report, Desmond R. Barnes, Posted: Nov 24, 2014

Some are the children of D.C. employees who got their good government jobs after then-Mayor Marion Barry opened opportunities for blacks.


Diabetes and Falls Prevention: Researchers Work with Seniors


The Virginian-Pilot/New America Media , News Feature, Elizabeth Simpson, Posted: Nov 24, 2014

Diabetes is a leading factor in falls for seniors, and research is showing how elders can help prevent injuries through exercise and better diet.


“Who Will Care for Us?”: Many Immigrant Elders Lack Health Care Access


India West/New America Media , News Report, Sunita Sohrabji , Posted: Nov 22, 2014

The President’s executive action and Obamacare will help many immigrants, but laws still block some South Asian elders from needed health care.


“Who Will Care for Us?” Ask Indian American Seniors in Immigration Limbo


India West/New America Media , News Report, Sunita Sohrabji , Posted: Nov 21, 2014

Despite the President’s action, older undocumented immigrants, like Indian elders, often in the U.S. for their children, are denied most health coverage.


In Wake of Obama's Executive Action, Advocates Warn About Scams


New America Media, News Feature, Staff, Posted: Nov 20, 2014

Advocates warn that any time immigration reform is in the news, immigrant families are vulnerable to fraud.


Study: 1 in 5 Nursing Home Residents Abused


Sarasota Herald-Tribune/New America Media , News Report, Barbara Peters Smith, Posted: Nov 20, 2014

A new study surprised researchers by revealing that one-in-five nursing home residents suffer abuse by other patients.

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