Childhood Trauma Effects Often Persist Into 50s and Beyond

Childhood Trauma Effects Often Persist Into 50s and Beyond

PBS Next Avenue/New America Media , News Report, Emily Gurnon , Posted: Dec 09, 2016

Childhood abuse raises the risk of serious mental and physical problems later even well into victims’ senior years.


What Astronauts Can Teach Us About Aging


Ottawa Citizen/New America Media , News Report, Elizabeth Payne, Posted: Dec 08, 2016

International scientists in aging and space exploration are collaborating to understand what astronauts’ experience can tell us about aging.


With Fidel Gone, New Hope for Seized Properties Among Cuban Americans


New America Media, News Feature, Louis Nevaer, Posted: Dec 07, 2016

The position is that the Cuban State has a responsibility to occupy abandoned property and make use of it for the benefit of the community.


Blues Icon Highlights Meeting’s “New Lens” on Black Aging Research


Florida Courier/New America Media , News Report, Penny Dickerson, Posted: Dec 06, 2016

Scholars highlighted issues for black elders--including a focus on older blues musicians like icon Little Freddie King--at a national gerontology conference.


The Oakland Hotel Village’s Remedy for Chinese Elders’ Epidemic of Loneliness


California Health Report , News Report, Matt Perry, Posted: Dec 05, 2016

The Hotel Oakland Village is making history in the historic California location with a program end isolation of Chinese elders.


Cure Sought for the Soaring Cost of Insulin


North Star News, News Report, Fred H. Lowe, Posted: Dec 04, 2016

U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders and Congressman Elijah Cummings have asked the U.S. Justice Department to investigate the rise in the price of insulin to treat diabetes.


Vietnamese Journalist Punished for Comments on Fidel Castro


Vietnam Right Now, News Report, Doan Trang, Posted: Dec 03, 2016

Consequently, Phung Hieu was removed from his position of Saigon chief representative, which may mean a cut in his income.


Aging Boomers to Depend on a Little Help From Their Friends, Extended Kin


Deseret News/New America Media, News Report, Lois Collins, Posted: Dec 01, 2016

Family forms an "invisible" eldercare workforce, but changes like more senior divorce and smaller families mean a bigger role for friends and extended kin.


Philly Arts Program Helps Refugee Elders After Long, Difficult Journey


Diverse Elders Coalition , News Feature, Hitomi Yoshida , Posted: Nov 30, 2016

Philadelphia is proving it can still be the City of Brotherly Love by funding an program to help refugee elders support each other through arts and crafts.


Practical Tips: Know Your Rights Under a Trump Presidency


New America Media, Question & Answer, Erin N. Marcus, Posted: Nov 29, 2016

There are a lot of people in the community who are very afraid of how this could impact them. We've seen a huge uptick in the number of calls (from immigrants) wanting to know what they should do.

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