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Fifty million Americans use ethnic media as a primary or secondary source of information. New America Media, the nation’s largest association of ethnic media, is made up of our 3,000 plus ethnic media partners and stretches across 50 states, reaching millions of under-targeted but enormous consumer markets and voters in dozens of ethnic communities.


Whether it’s the Chinese community in Monterey Park in Southern California, the Caribbean community in Queens, New York or multi-cultural populations in Houston, Texas, ethnic media reach these communities on a daily basis.


To reach these otherwise hard to reach communities, NAM has developed the first national one-stop shop ad collaboration connecting ethnic media and their audiences with marketers in an on-going exchange. Our “One-Buy, One-Bill” Advertising Network provides our clients with a convenient and efficient means to reach dozens of multi-lingual and multi-ethnic audiences around the country.


Reaching diverse communities in multiple languages requires customized messaging within a single campaign. Since 2000, NAM's multicultural marketing division has developed a hybrid approach to leverage the full reach of ethnic media in both an advertising and editorial capacity. We help our clients hone their message to each individual ethnic community by providing focus groups and roundtable discussions with ethnic-media leaders. Including ethnic-media leaders as advisors in developing a campaign provides the possibility of editorial coverage down the road.


  • Developing customized media plans involving print, broadcast and online media to find the most efficient and cost-effective solution to your marketing goals
  • Trans-creating ads into different languages to produce culturally relevant messages
  • Placing and monitoring ads, adapting a campaign to maximize ROI
  • Providing editorial initiatives for social marketing campaigns
  • Organizing media briefings and roundtables with ethnic media community leaders
  • There are other ways NAM can help with outreach: Press conferences, news briefings and multi-lingual polls.

Partial Client List

Our client list includes PG&E, Bank of America, McDonalds, Peace Corps, Flex Your Power, AAA, Comcast

Case Studies

The following case studies demonstrate some of our core capacities:
Kaiser Permanente
The California Endowment: Language Access
The California Endowment: Nursing Diversity
Yes on 52

NAM Ad Network

New America Media's Ethnic Online Ad Network came into operation in May 2008, having reached a critical mass of 50 partners. more

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