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New York Launches New Language Services for Chinese Small Businesses

 New York City's Department of Small Business Services (SBS) announced that it will be working with the Renaissance Economic Development Corporation and the Shorefront YM-YWHA, two local organizations that work with Chinese immigrants, to provide Chinese-language services to entrepreneurs looking for help.

Renaissance Economic Development Corporation, a Queens-based organization, helps thousands of Chinese small business owners across the city every year, according to chairman Chris Kui. Founded in 1974, the organization provides consulting and technical assistance for immigrants who need expertise on how to start and maintain their small businesses. Renaissance offers services in Chinese and Korean. Renaissance also acts as a micro-lender and gets funded by the US Small Business Association.

“The primary concerns that Chinese small business owners face are language and cultural barriers, not knowing how the city operates with its regulations,” according to Kui. Another major concern for Chinese business owners is access to capital when they don't have extensive credit history or cannot get loans through traditional means. Gregg Bishop, deputy commissioner for business development at New York’s SBS, said "The Chinese community makes up a large portion of the population in New York City, and it's important for all immigrants, but particularly for Chinese-owned businesses, to know that the government is here to help them."