Chinese Brit Confronted Terrorists in London Attack

AsAmNews, News Report, Posted: Jun 06, 2017

He had just posted on his Facebook page Saturday that he fended off two people from attacking an unarmed bouncer at the bar.

Suicide Bomber Kills 22 at Ariana Grande Concert


Latina, News Report, Posted: May 23, 2017

On Monday night, a suicide bomber killed at least 22 people and wounded 59 others at a packed Ariana Grande concert in Manchester. Following the explosion concertgoers, including children, were separated from their parents as they fled the venue.

Trump Reaps Saudi Arms Deal, Stronger Ties


Arab American News, News Report, Posted: May 22, 2017

The arms deal, plus other investments that the U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said could total up to $350 billion, was the central achievement of Trump’s first day in Riyadh, firs strop on a nine-day journey through the Middle East and Europe.

Asean May Go Soft on China on Sea Row


Global Nation, News Report, Posted: Apr 26, 2017

Southeast Asian leaders will express serious concern over territorial disputes in the South China Sea when they gather in an annual summit in Manila on Saturday.


Trump Can Deal with North Korea With Fresh Approach to Pyongyang


New America Media, Commentary, George Koo, Posted: Apr 05, 2017

While a direct military strike against targets inside North Korea might be one option, there is a much easier and non-violent approach available to Trump.


Therapy Used for U.S. Veterans Finds Success Among Traumatized Immigrants


Univision, News Feature, Jenny Manrique, Posted: Mar 28, 2017

Therapists are using cutting edge treatments to help immigrants heal from trauma. Many are undocumented or are victims of mental, physical or sexual abuse


On Edge, Minority Communities and Law Enforcement Beef Up Security Following Terror Attacks


Arab American News, News Report, Hassan Khalifeh, Posted: Dec 29, 2016

In Michigan, efforts to ban refugees from residing in neighborhoods were quelled and are symbolic at best, although the anti-immigrant sentiments prevail among many.


Drug War Stokes Widespread Fear in the Philippines


Inquirer, News Feature, Inquirer Staff, Posted: Dec 19, 2016

Commission on Human Rights Chair Jose Luis Gascon called on the administration to pursue its anticrime efforts 'with full respect for human rights standards."

Obama Signs Bill Awarding Congressional Gold Medal to Filipino World War II Vets


Asian Journal, News Report, Posted: Dec 19, 2016

Decades after their service ended, fewer than 18,000 Filipino veterans are still alive to personally celebrate the acknowledgment of their sacrifices.

China Angry at Vietnamese "Construction" on Spratly


Vietnam Right Now, News Report, Posted: Dec 13, 2016

Satellite images appear to indicate that Vietnamese vessels are carrying out dredging work after cutting a new channel on Ladd reef. The feature is fully submerged at high tide but has a lighthouse and a guard post for a small contingent of Vietnamese troops.

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