Israeli Troops Kill Palestinian Bystander

Arab American News, News Report, Posted: Jun 22, 2016

Israeli troops mistakenly killed a Palestinian bystander on Tuesday while responding with gunfire to a petrol bomb and rock attack on Israeli vehicles in the occupied West Bank, the military said.


Undocumented Victims of Orlando Shooting Face Unique Challenges


Fusion, News Report, Jorge Rivas and Rafa Fernandez De Castro, Posted: Jun 17, 2016

Victims without legal status in the United States face an additional set of challenges in the wake of the Orlando mass-shooting.

Ex Wife, Club Goers Say Orlando Killer Was Gay


Arab American News, News Report, Posted: Jun 14, 2016

A former classmate of Mateen at the Indian River Community College police academy, said they had went out on a date in 2006.

La Opinion: The Worst Massacre in U.S. History


La Opinion, Editorial, Posted: Jun 13, 2016

Editors write that the fact that AR-15 assault rifles are sold to the general public is an abomination.

Trump: Muslim Americans Need to Turn Terrorists In


Arab American News, News Report, Posted: Jun 13, 2016

Donald Trump charged that there were “many, many people” in the United States who are “sick with hate” and willing to carry out terrorist attacks like the mass shooting this weekend at a gay club in Orlando, Florida.

Suspect Identified in Orlando Mass Shooting as Omar Mateen


Arab American News, News Report, Posted: Jun 12, 2016

The media has identified Omar Mateen, a 29-year-old U.S.-born citizen, as the suspect in Sunday's mass shooting that left at least 50 dead and more than 50 others wounded at the Pulse Nightclub, a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida.


China Stung by US-Vietnam Embrace


Vietnam Right Now, News Feature, Posted: May 30, 2016

The exuberant reception afforded an American president in Vietnam will have been a galling sight for the communist leadership in neighbouring China.


Obama Lifted Arms Ban Despite Continuing Repression in Vietnam


Vietnam Right Now, News Report, Posted: May 23, 2016

President Obama made the move despite what many observers see as a deteriorating human rights climate in Vietnam.


‘Daze of Justice’ Explores Cambodia’s Trauma of Silence


New America Media, Commentary, Andrew Lam, Posted: May 17, 2016

A new documentary by San Francisco filmmaker Mike Siv looks at the lasting legacy of Cambodia's genocide and the silence that surrounds victims and perpetrators.


Sadiq Khan’s Election: Islamists Suffer a Slap in the Face


New Canadian Media, Commentary, Shenaz Kermalli, Posted: May 16, 2016

Followers of Islamic State may never admit it, but the election victory of Sadiq Khan as mayor of London was a slap in the face.

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