Your Home, Your Rights

California is one of the epicenters of the foreclosure crisis. More than 2.4 million Americans are expected to lose their homes to a foreclosure this year, with the number of new California foreclosure filings rising dramatically over the summer.

In the midst of this crisis, New America Media is organizing “Your Home, Your Rights,” a series of community forums offering detailed information on what residents need to know about home ownership and renter’s rights.

All forums will feature free confidential one-on-one legal advice and counseling on foreclosure, fair housing and predatory lending issues (including advice to tenants in buildings that have been foreclosed on). Attendees can share stories with journalists and the media about the foreclosure crisis and get answers to their questions from housing counselors, legal and tax experts. Admission is free. Translation services will be provided.

To find out when a forum is happening in your area, please call New America Media 415-503-4170.

"Your Home, Your Rights" is organized with the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).