Voice assistant

Voice assistant

The use of voice-activated intelligent assistants can help optimize time management and the efficiency with which daily tasks are done. More and more voice assistants are becoming compatible with the different devices we use. They're basically already part of our lives, but do we really know how they work? Let's dig a little deeper into the intelligent voice assistant and learn about the technology behind it!

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    What is a voice assistant?

    Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri… We're sure you already know them, either because you have heard about them or because you have used them. But let's define exactly what they are, beyond what we commonly know. A voice assistant or virtual assistant is a software that you can interact with through voice commands to help you with various tasks. Surely you have already said "Ok Google", "Hey Siri" or "Alexa, play my favorite playlist". It's almost as if we can no longer conceive a life in which these assistants are not part of our routine.

    These assistants continue to improve their quality of interaction daily. Their responses start to become more accurate and their voice sounds even more natural as time goes by. There are voice assistants that every day adapts more and more to their environment and begin to sound like the voice of a real person.

    The fundamental basis of the voice assistant lies in the concept of natural language processing. This is a field that combines computing and linguistics and began to be developed in the 1950s. Several decades later, with the development of artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques, speech recognition systems were born. And of course, they offer ever greater possibilities. Once they started in our smartphones natively, they evolved their concept until they reached our homes, vehicles, and companies.

    Voice assistant features and uses

    Any type of voice-operated virtual assistant is designed to provide constant assistance. Let's get to know some of its most general and outstanding features:

    • It has unlimited information. You can ask for any kind of information and the asssistant will search for it on the Internet. It will provide all the data instantly.
    • It works as an agenda and calendar since you can add events or personal appointments and the assistant will keep track of this schedule.
    • You can set a specific time duration and the assistant will notify you. Whether to use it as an alarm clock or to remind you when to take the cake out of the oven, this will be the perfect timer.
    • It's a complete assistant. Not only does it work to help you perform tasks, but it also keeps good company. You can chat and pass the time with a voice assistant. Many even have a quirky sense of humor.
    • It's really efficient when it comes to controlling the smart devices in your home.
    • You can use it to order anything online. Whether it's ordering food delivery, buying clothes, or other types of items.
    • A household voice assistant can even be of great help for your home security. Some incorporate the function of activating security alarms or motion sensors when you are not at home.

    Top 5 best voice assistants

    Nowadays many of the searches on the Internet are performed through a voice assistant, so they are increasingly present in the lives of users. What are the best five among these? Let's talk a little about them:

    Amazon Alexa

    Alexa is available on devices such as Fire Tablet, Echo, and Echo Dot, but it's also found on Google Play and the Apple Store. This voice assistant is compatible with more than 7000 brands of electronic devices.

    Apple Siri

    Siri was introduced to the market by Apple in 2011 and is considered by many to be one of the best voice assistants. It's particularly available for all Mac devices, as they're designed to work excellently together.

    Google Assistant

    Google's intelligent assistant is one of the fastest and most widely used. Its voice assistants are really complete and varied. With them, you can organize meetings, make translations, manage tasks, plan the day, among others. It is available for cell phones, TVs, smartwatches and connects quickly and easily with applications such as Netflix, Youtube, and Spotify.

    Voice assistant Samsung Bixby

    Samsung's voice assistant software, Bixby, can execute certain tasks. It can extract information from cell phone applications, learn routines, provide information, or make calls. Samsung's intelligent assistant can also capture landmarks when a photo is taken or even provide pricing options when a product is pointed at with the camera.

    Microsoft Cortana

    Cortana is Microsoft's intelligent voice assistant and is especially effective for setting reminders. It can function as an event planner, where you can save your plans with location and even photos. Its App is available for Windows operating systems and Microsoft devices. Like all voice assistants, it can track packages, set alarms, and answer any kind of queries.

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