Characteristics of Big Data

Characteristics of Big Data

We already talked about what Big Data is, now it's time to classify its most important characteristics. Knowing each of them is extremely important to understand how this technology works. Especially if you are thinking of incorporating it.

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    Data velocity

    When we talk about velocity, we are referring to the movement of data due to the constant interconnections we make. In other words, the speed with which they are collected, stored, and processed in real-time. This is the most basic concept of Big Data and how it works.

    Variety of data

    Variety, as the name suggests, encompasses the different forms, types, and sources in which data are recorded. This data can be structured and easy to manage such as databases. Or they can be unstructured, such as emails, sensor data, videos, images, or audio that are stored on the mobile device. It can even be the posts on our social media profiles, the articles we read on the web, the click sequences we make on the same page, forms, and a vast infinity of actions we perform on our devices.

    The latest data require a specific tool because the treatment of the information is completely different from structured data. To achieve this, companies must integrate, observe and process data that only qualified tools can collect.

    Volumen of information

    The volume consists of the amount of data generated per second, minute, hour, and day in our environment. It's one of the most prominent characteristics of Big Data, mainly because it refers to the massive amount of data collected.

    For some companies, being in the digital world is extremely mandatory, so the amount of data generated and collected is greater. For example, if a company sells products only online, it would be very useful to implement Big Data technology. This way, it will be possible to process all this amount of data from the website. It will track all the customer's actions and let the company know where they click the most.

    Additionally, it will show how many times the customer has gone through the shopping cart, which is the most viewed product. As well as other important things for its data control. Tracking and studying this data is highly necessary for the safety and progress of the company.

    Data accuracy

    The veracity consists of the uncertainty of the data and the degree of reliability of the information it contains. It's really necessary to invest time to obtain quality data. Therefore, it applies methods to eliminate unpredictable data that may arise. These can be economic data, consumer behaviors, among others that can influence purchasing decisions.

    The need to explore and plan for uncertainty is a challenge for Big Data, which is on the agenda of companies dealing with data analytics.


    Viability basically consists of the ability of companies to make effective use of the large volume of data they handle. To do so, the company must be quite astute and competitive in the market, since it needs to analyze, select and monitor the information. So it can understand the market in which it operates and its customers, then design new strategies. After knowing the viability of the company, the only thing left to do is to detail the project and develop the business plan.

    Data visualization

    Data visualization refers to the presentation of the data. By obtaining the data, you'll need to represent it visually to make them readable and accessible. This way, you'll be able to determine hidden patterns and small clues that will help you analyze the data. To understand it, there are visualization tools that will help you understand the data graphically.

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