Norton Antivirus

Norton Antivirus

The set of threats online nowadays has evolved to more than just common viruses. Those attacks users are supposed to pay more attention to could infect their devices, putting their personal information in danger. As like we’ve mentioned before, steps for a rightfully done security process come together with the usage of proper tools. One of the most efficient on the list is the Norton Antivirus software, which can get to protect properly one’s files and data.

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    What is Norton Antivirus?

    Norton Antivirus is security software for devices such as PCs and Mobiles, which controls the user’s information for its safety. Its technology uses an automated learning system, to determine if a file could be qualified as safe or as malware. This characteristic can be applied to files or websites even if it’s the first time that the user executes them.

    The types of threats Norton Antivirus is capable of dealing with are as diverse as:

    • Regular viruses
    • Phishing
    • Browser kidnapping
    • Rootkits and Trojans
    • Unwanted browsing extensions
    • No-file threats
    • Formjacking attacks
    • Coin extractions
    • Attacks based on scripts


    Norton Antivirus operates with an ‘emulation system’, which is an execution tool for files on a light virtual machine. This makes online threats reveal themselves, making the rest of the work easier for the software. The particular thing about this process is that it occurs milliseconds from making a click into the link or file. The process is also sustained by file signature data which gets uploaded automatically to the cloud.

    Besides general internet protection, subscriptions to the Norton Antivirus software include support programs when you most need them. It also secures a 60-day Money Back Guarantee, in case the customer isn't satisfied by its service.

    Also, as a part of its main functions – mostly based on Windows – Norton Antivirus, also counts with regular security tools. For instance, it includes secure VPN tools, password managing systems, security copies to the cloud, and Smart Firewalls for PCs.

    Norton Antivirus features

    As a part of its system, Norton Antivirus comes with features that make it stand above other software, like:

    • Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), analyses information coming from a network to then block possible online threats. This feature is directed mostly at PCs and Macs.
    • Automated and Advanced Learning System, that gets to search for malware on one’s devices. This feature uses the applicability of the emulation feature for file testing.
    • Insight Protection System, obtained from Norton’s global network. This feature gets to classify app files by their attributes.
    • Behavior-Based Protection uses AI to classify the device’s apps according to their functional behavior. This also helps block those apps which got a suspicious functionality.
    • Proactive Exploit Protection (PEP), which gives protection
    • against ‘day zero’ attacks. These attacks could also affect the vulnerable spots on apps or devices’ operative systems.
    • Power Eraser feature, getting to detect and eliminate high-risk apps and malware that could reside on the device.

    Another interesting feature of Norton Antivirus is its app version for Android devices, App Advisor+. This extension runs with Norton Mobile Insight Technology. In other words, it gets to analyze apps before downloading them, so it can warn you about possible threats before installing them. Also, App Advisor+ for Google Play informs you about malware, online privacy, and other types of risks that it could find. This is related to the type of app one could get around in the wild.


    As you can see, Norton Antivirus software gets around a technical functioning process, being the foundation of its operations. The grand amount of sets and tools that describe its activities could also give this system its title of effectiveness. For instance, the crowded extension of functions and characteristics – from internet safety to app analysis – is a solid indicator. The Norton Antivirus software is a strong and very available choice for any type of network security.

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