August 20, 2022 Ethnic media

Ethnic media

Discover what ethnic media are and their relevance within the dissemination of customs, traditions, culture, gastronomy, music and other themes of their native races; in order to understand human diversity and more; Do not miss it.

Ethnic media

Ethnic communities are groups of people who belong to the same culture, share living conditions, social, cultural, and economic practices and are distinguished from others within the world; for the fact of maintaining its identity throughout history.

Following this order of ideas, ethnic media are considered to be all those publications within which events and news referring to these small communities are disclosed in a specific or timely manner; despite the fact that some of them can have millions of representatives in the world, as is the case of Afro-Americans.

In addition, its contents can be disseminated in the region’s own language or be bilingual in order to reach many other locations in the world.

They are part of the ethnic media, on the one hand, television, radio, online communications, magazines and other printed publications; but also all forms of musical or religious expression; that serve to disseminate the customs and traditions of a particular ethnic group.

Ethnic media usually circulate in sectors such as indigenous communities and small towns in a country; but they are within the reach of all those people interested in knowing their contents.

They can be seen as an alternative medium; but this is not his default role; since they are born to disseminate news of interest within some closed ethnic communities.

In addition to all this, their place of origin, production process, distribution and identity must be taken into consideration; as these can be for-profit or non-profit ethnic media.

On the other hand, there is no doubt that it is a local communication medium that facilitates the social communication of a certain ethnic group; where topics of mutual interest for all its members are reflected.

Examples of ethnic media are Black Enterprise Magazine, Ebony, Black Entertainment Television, Univision Television Network or Latina Magazines among many others.

In the case of Black Enterprise Magazine, it can be indicated that it is a multimedia or ethnic media company, owned by black representatives and where, since its founding in the 1970s, all kinds of news about African-American businesses have been covered; reaching an audience of at least 3.7 million people.

On the other hand, Latina Magazine, was launched as an American lifestyle magazine; full of spaces dedicated to fashion, beauty and entertainment for bilingual Hispanic women; since it is published in English by Latina Media Ventures.

Another of the ethnic media with an outstanding global presence is Ebony; Monthly magazine based on news and entertainment, especially aimed at the African-American community.

With sections within which the achievements of influential people of color, fashion, beauty, politics and the usual lifestyles of representatives of this ethnic group are disclosed.

It should be noted that this magazine was founded in the year 1945 by John H. Johnson; with the objective of addressing problems inherent to African-American communities and how to positively address different conflicts.

Personalities such as Dorothy Dandridge, Lena Horne, Diana Ross, Michael Jackson have been part of its cover; even Carol Moseley Braun former United States Senator and also Michelle Obama; among others.

In fact, Ebony magazine selects the 100 most influential blacks in the United States each year; to include them in your covers or articles; being one of them the famous Beyoncé or Tyrese Gibson, to mention a few.

All this is an example of the relevance of ethnic media and its high reach at the level of specific communities; to those who are interested, to know news within which their participation in the world is praised or to recognize the talent of some of the personalities born under their type of social race and more.

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