Best metaverse companies

Best metaverse companies

The metaverse is one of the most promising proposals of recent times. So it's not surprising that many companies are interested in betting on it. Many even claim that it'll be "the next internet", as it proposes to be a key way to connect people digitally. Even though it's not yet a reality, this virtual universe already has a lot of projects that are leading it to fulfill its mission. A large number of companies in different sectors are competing to be the ones to achieve the metaverse.

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    Best companies that have invested in the metaverse

    Although Facebook's metaverse is the most renowned, this isn't the only company working on this project. Industries such as technology, social networks, video games, and even fashion, have set their sights on participating in this world. Let's see which companies are investing in developing in this virtual reality:


    Microsoft has invested 68.7 billion dollars to acquire a video game enterprise called Activision Blizzard. Through this company, Microsoft plans to join the metaverse. This video game developer is mostly known for creating online video games with a scoop similar to the metaverse. For example, they have the game World of Warcraft, in which players collaborate to improve their digital avatars. They achieve this by placing items such as weapons and armor.

    Not only this, Microsoft has also been developing HoloLens. This is a $3,500 viewer that displays digital holograms. But this one has a particular focus on business applications for government agencies.


    Google has been developing technology related to the metaverse for some years now, making it one of the pioneering companies in this field. This company has been developing new ideas for this digital universe, but they have been taking their time to do so. Their goal is to focus on augmented reality, but they're also targeting virtual reality.

    They have previously explained that they're working to make YouTube (which has barely incorporated background playback) also work in virtual reality and augmented reality environments for Google Lens.


    Apple is also developing its own devices for the metaverse. Its augmented reality glasses are still in production, raising speculation that they'll be called Apple Glasses.


    Nike has already created its own metaverse through Nikeland, an immersive 3D space from the video game company Roblox. The main scenario of this Nike world consists of users being able to play sports and customize their avatars with Nike products.


    Through the video game platform NVIDIA, the BMW company created a replica of its factory in Regensburg, Germany. This way, people can access and test its products.

    Metaverse Property

    This real estate company has invested cryptocurrencies in hundreds of plots of land in virtual reality. Through this, it'll be able to develop different buildings to be habitable in the metaverse.

    Other companies that could be betting on the metaverse

    These are other companies that could soon be betting on the development of the metaverse and the digital economy:


    Some automotive companies have expressed interest in the metaverse since as in the real world, avatars will need to move from one place to another. The National Association for Stock Car Racing (NASCAR) has launched its own marketplace for NFTs. Digital collections are released every race week.

    NASCAR also has a partnership with gaming platform ZED RUN to include several of the brand's NFT format horses in the game. This means that in the game it'll be possible to race NASCAR-branded horses.


    Nissan has also announced an innovative technology that will connect the drivers of its vehicles with the metaverse. Nissan's main purpose is to transmit the avatar's data to the interior of the vehicle, so it'll be able to communicate interactively with other avatars. Both inside and outside the car.


    The German multinational clothing company, Adidas, has a partnership with the cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase. This will allow it to accept crypto payments, and may also bring with it the construction of a Sandbox metaverse of its own.


    Gucci sold a digital version of its renowned Dionysus handbag in the Roblox metaverse. This bag was traded for over four thousand dollars, $800 more than the original product. This opens the door for the company to pursue the development of digital garments.

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