Best Metaverse Games

Best Metaverse Games

In recent months the popularity of the metaverse and NFTs have been growing steadily, the digital age is going stronger every day. Despite the controversy that has been generated about it, an increasing number of people are getting on board with this, including for work. There are currently a lot of metaverse games that allow you to make a good amount of money or some that are just for fun. Do you want to know the best ones? Let's get to it!

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    Best metaverse play-to-earn games

    First, let's talk a bit about the so famous play-to-earn games that everyone's talking about. These games are closely linked to the metaverse and are powered by blockchain technology. Each one has a different operation, but the truth is that they all share the characteristic of being able to work and earn money in their ecosystem.


    The Sandbox is a virtual metaverse to play and win cryptocurrencies. Users can own land, play or even build their own game. It offers endless possibilities to buy your own digital land or real estate within its vast metaverse.

    Axie Infinity

    On the other hand, we have a quite popular game among the cryptocurrency community, Axie Infinity. This game is inspired by Pokemon, as players raise their Axies, fight and trade these creatures. The Axies battle against each other to obtain virtual coins. Additionally, each of these creatures is an NFT that can be bought or sold in the corresponding markets.


    Unlike other traditional games, in Decentraland the users themselves are the owners of this virtual world. Therefore, they control everything that happens in it. They are the ones who can buy and control the content of their plots, generate income through construction. In addition to using blockchain technology for secure sales and purchases without forgery or errors.

    Mines of Dalarnia

    Next, we have an action-adventure game based on a blockchain-driven real estate market. In Mines of Dalarnia, players are divided into two cooperating factions: miners and landowners. The former fight monsters and build blocks to find resources, while the latter provide land and resources.


    We continue with a metaverse game that combines NFTs with yield cultivation. In Moblox you can acquire NFTs after farming, fighting, and generating rewards. It also allows players to trade their earnings or use them as collateral within the Moblox metaverse.


    Chromia itself is not a game, but a game studio, which includes Mines of Dalarnia, mentioned above. Other metaverse games from this studio include My Neighbour Alice, Krystopia, and Chain of Alliance. Therefore, it's advisable to keep an eye on it and expect more game releases of this style in the future as technology advances and the company innovates.

    Top 3 metaverse games you can play for free


    Fortnite is one of the most popular games of the moment, mostly because of its big events such as Travis Scott's concert, Ariana Grande's concert, or Mashmello's appearance. Currently, Fornite is not only a game but also a community. This is the metaverse of Epic Games, and it's expected to be even more advanced later on since far from being just a shooter game, it will also become a virtual world where we can express ourselves. Fortnite is free but has in-game paid service.

    Second Life

    Second Life is an online universe of diverse social games. This game was launched in 2003, is credited as the first metaverse game. It's currently looking to be modernized, the developer is studying the possibility of updating its metaverse and incorporating the use of NFT. However, Second Life already has its own economy and currency, which are Linden dollars. This game is free to play, although it contains in-app purchases

    Horizon Worlds

    Horizon Worlds is the first virtual reality game from Meta (Facebook's metaverse). This game allows players to create virtual avatars that will inhabit various worlds created by the users themselves. And of course, it also allows you to create your own games within its ecosystem. At the moment it's only available in the USA and Canada, and it's completely free as long as you have the Oculus Quest 2.


    These are some of the metaverse games that we consider most profitable both in the short and long term. If you want to know how to join the metaverse or how to invest in it, you can read our other articles where we tell you all about it.

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