Most expensive NFTs

Most expensive NFTs

NFT art has undoubtedly been a concept that has surprised the entire world. What was once wall-framing art is now available in galleries owned by blockchain technologies. However, this is not its only attraction, as the prices of the pieces can reach enormous amounts of money. If you've ever wondered which are the most expensive Nfts to date, you're in luck. Here, you'll learn about works of art that have left more than one person open-mouthed due to their exorbitant prices.

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    List of the most expensive NFTs

    NFTs can undoubtedly be sold for enormous amounts of money. Check out some of the best examples below:

    The Merge

    The creation of the artist known as "Pak" is seen as the most expensive NFT in history. At the end of 2021 "The Merge" was sold at the price of $91.8 million, earning the recognition of being the most valuable NFT. The artwork was divided into several parts so that 28,983 buyers were able to acquire a part of it. This NFT has multiple owners, thanks to them, it was possible to achieve this amount of money.

    Everydays: The First 5000 Days

    This piece is considered to be the most expensive NFT sold to one sole owner, at the price of $69.3 million. Despite being a piece of electronic art, it is already one of the most expensive works of art in history.  One of the main attractions of the piece is its concept since it portrays the artistic evolution of its creator. Michael Winkelmann, known as "Beeple" made a compilation of 5000 pieces of art that he has been making since 2007.


    This is another piece by Pak, and its great story has pushed it to the top of the list. The design of this NFT tells everything, a black background showing the total number of days since Julian Assange's imprisonment. This powerful message was able to raise the immense fortune of $52.7 million, which was donated to Assange's defense. Determining the value of a piece may be something that not many can understand. But if they have messages like these it is normal to find them among the first positions of prices.


    Beeple is undoubtedly one of the artists most familiar with being on the list of the most expensive NFTs. To achieve this position, the famous artist created a sculpture with a theme never seen before. Through four different perspectives, we see an astronaut who walks endlessly through scenarios that change over time. The interesting concept of the work led to it being sold for $28.9 million. Undoubtedly a piece of enormous value, just like the other creations of the artist.

    CryptoPunk #5822

    While the artwork known so far features interesting concepts, Cryptopunk's NFTs are another story. Despite having quite basic designs, they have revolutionized the NFT movement by becoming pieces that can be used as Avatars. On top of that, they are quite rare collectible pieces, increasing their prices exponentially. In February 2022 the piece "CryptoPunk #5822" shocked the NFT world by being sold for the price of $23.7 million. Making it the most expensive of this Larva Labs NFT project.

    CryptoPunk #7523

    It is not a big surprise that the following artwork belongs to the same NFT project as the previous piece. This CryptoPunk comes from an even rarer classification known as "Alien Punk", being one of nine in existence. Many refer to this piece as "Covid Alien" because the character wears a mask. For many, this is an attractive detail as it is the only one in the collection to use this accessory. The hype generated by this CryptoPunk was such that it ended up being sold for $11.75 million.

    It's certainly surprising how much money a piece of digital art can be worth. However, since this is a relatively young market, it's only a matter of time before new pieces come out and take some of the top spots of the most expensive NFTs.

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