NFT Marketplace

NFT Marketplace

The NFT movement was a big change in the world that has been an enigma to all those with an interest in the technology scene. The idea that a piece of electronic art could be worth such amounts of money is impressive. However, there is much more behind this revolutionary movement, and this is just the beginning. As time goes by, more and more people want to enter the NFT marketplace, but do not know how to do it. That is why we will help you in this new adventure of getting to know all the main aspects of the NFT marketplace.

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    What is an NFT marketplace?

    These are platforms that you can access to buy, trade, and even create NFTs in some cases. Similar to an online store, at NFT marketplaces you can access a wide variety of assets and make purchases immediately.

    In short, it is a marketplace for digital assets, which have a certificate of authenticity. This way you will be the sole owner of the nft you wish to purchase.

    What do I need to enter the NFT Marketplace?

    If you want to enter the NFT Marketplace, you will need three things to navigate, buy and sell Nfts. These are the things you will need:

    Crypto wallet

    It is essentially an electronic wallet where you can deposit your money to buy NFTs. You can purchase digital artwork in the blink of an eye by linking the wallet on the Marketplace. But, there is one important thing you need to have in mind. The crypto wallet has to work with the same blockchain network that the NFT Marketplace you want to buy from.

    Don't worry, the majority of these sites use the Ethereum blockchain network, with which the Metamask wallet is compatible. If you want to learn more about crypto wallets, we have an article that is perfect for you.


    Once you have your crypto wallet, it’s time to fund it. This is an important step because aside from buying, the Marketplace will charge you fees for doing certain transactions. As with crypto wallets, you need to know what cryptocurrency the market is using.

    User account

    The user account is required to enter the marketplace and be able to do any kind of business. You can customize your account with a username and a photo regularly. Once you have followed all the steps, you will be able to enter the nft marketplace without any problem.

    Best NFT marketplaces

    Due to the rise of NFTs, there are a lot of marketplaces out there right now, creating indecision about which one to visit. However, here are some of the most recognized ones:


    You can see this site like the Amazon of NFTs, thanks to the variety of tokens you can purchase. With more than 1 million users, OpenSea has a wide community of art enthusiasts. Many people think it is the best NFT marketplace to start with thanks to its compatibility with a large number of cryptocurrencies and wallets. If you do not know which market to visit, this is undoubtedly the best option due to its security.


    It is also considered one of the best markets of the moment, you can find many art pieces, so if you are looking for something eye-catching it is a great option. If you don't have a wallet don't worry, you can buy on Rarible with your credit or debit card. In this way, it is an excellent site thanks to its amazing art galleries and convenient payment methods.

    NBA Top Shot

    Little by little, sports are joining the nft world, with the NBA being one of the first leagues to do so. The appeal of this NFT market comes from the fact that you can own the best moments of a match. Each NFT there will feature a video or highlight of a game, making it a perfect place if you're a sports fan.

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