Robots from Boston Dynamics

Robots from Boston Dynamics

With the continuous advancement of technology, we can appreciate incredible inventions that seek to improve human life. There are more and more tools that make our tasks easier or even do them completely. This is quite positive for us as we save time and energy, and can even achieve better results. Taking into account our need to look for increasingly useful tools, robots are a concept present in technology development organizations. Many believe that these machines can be of great help to humans in various areas. Today's technologies make it possible to develop increasingly complex robots that can perform more challenging tasks. In this article, we will look at the robots from Boston Dynamics, one of the leading companies in this field.

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    What is Boston Dynamics?

    It’s a company that specializes in the design and creation of robots suitable for use in various facets of life. Although there are already other companies creating robots, very few reach the level of Boston Dynamics. This is because the company was originally in charge of designing physics simulation and robot balancing software. This software made it possible to create more and more realistic models, thus gaining recognition in the technological world.

    Over the years Boston Dynamic is now on a mission to create robots that can enrich the lives of humans. The way to achieve this is through models that are similar in mobility, agility, and dexterity to humans and animals. The animal world is the main source of motivation for the organization. Which seeks to develop machinery that can perform tasks that would be too dangerous for people.

    This would not only mean an improvement in the results of certain tasks. But could be the next step for the human being, finding a new way to perform work or home activities. An excellent example of this would be exploration activities in areas that can be very dangerous for us.

    List of robots from Boston Dynamics

    The company currently has three models of robots, each with specific features and utilities for different fields. These are:

    Robot Atlas

    Atlas is undoubtedly the organization's most important project today, as it has great potential for the future. It is the most dynamic of the three models, as it has a balance and mobility similar to a human being. This mobility is due to two incredible features, the power provided by the world's smallest hydraulic system and its low weight structure thanks to 3D printed parts.

    One of the most incredible features of Atlas is its interaction with the environment in which it finds itself. Thanks to depth sensors, it can detect its surroundings to avoid collisions and move around without any problems. Finally, it also has a predictive control model, which can evolve its motions and adjust them over time.

    Robot Spot

    The following model does not seek to replicate human movements but seeks to replicate features of animals for exploration tasks. Spot has mobility that allows it to navigate on a variety of terrains. In other words, it’s perfect for such tasks, whether it's exploring, inspecting, or reaching places only humans would dream of.

    It performs best in inspection tasks because it can carry equipment, is easy to control, and can collect valuable information. For explorations, it performs 360-degree perception to avoid obstacles and possesses dynamic balance for surroundings and its extremities allowing it to cling to surfaces. It has customization options, like pre-built solutions, external hardware integration slots, and a software development kit for custom controls.

    Robot Stretch

    Finally, we have the Stretch robot, despite not being as mobile as the others, it’s extremely useful for storage tasks. Among its features, we have its easy deployment, continuity of work, and its flexibility to handle different packages.

    To do a good job, it uses its computer vision together with its robotic arm to move the packages. This arm has an adaptable gripper to hold packages of different sizes and dimensions. Its batteries are long-lasting so that one charge is enough to operate for a whole shift. Finally, it has a movable base to move around the place.

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