September 15, 2022 Keys to LGBT+ journalism

Keys to LGBT+ journalism

Know key points for LGBT+ journalism so that you can narrate this type of topic without affecting any human right and reflect with them current social news of interest to the community; which, among other things, is part of inclusion and the stop that must be given to gender discrimination; Do not miss it. Keys […]

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August 20, 2022 Ethnic media

Ethnic media

Discover what ethnic media are and their relevance within the dissemination of customs, traditions, culture, gastronomy, music and other themes of their native races; in order to understand human diversity and more; Do not miss it. Ethnic media Ethnic communities are groups of people who belong to the same culture, share living conditions, social, cultural, […]

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March 6, 2021 Inclusive journalism

Inclusive journalism

Discover what inclusive journalism is; a current novelty that involves communicators, communicators and professionals of this important professional discipline in charge of the dissemination of news and a whole series of events related to daily events and more; Do not miss it. What is meant by inclusive journalism? It is about the use of words […]

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