March 6, 2021 Inclusive journalism

Inclusive journalism

Discover what inclusive journalism is; a current novelty that involves communicators, communicators and professionals of this important professional discipline in charge of the dissemination of news and a whole series of events related to daily events and more; Do not miss it.

What is meant by inclusive journalism?

It is about the use of words as a tool through which a respectful language is built before all the diversities within human beings; with which the collaboration of all journalism professionals is sought, through their participation in the construction of an increasingly egalitarian society, which suffers from any type of discrimination.

To this end, issues related to violence against women, sexual diversity, treatment of Afro-descendants, respect for migrants and equal status are addressed as part of inclusive journalism, in job offers to people who continue with their lives, once they they are released from prison; among other situations.

As part of the inclusive journalism programs, workshops and conferences are being held; aimed at social communicators; whether they are students or have already graduated as journalists.

In these meetings they are made aware of the importance of making vital changes within journalism; with which fair treatment is provided to all human beings regardless of their personal inclinations, race, interests or economic-social condition that characterizes them.

The central idea of ​​inclusive journalism is to sensitize the community against any form of discrimination and for this, the media is used; through innovative and far-reaching didactic tools.

In other words, it is a matter of de-patriarchalizing communication in order to encourage the audience to think; something that can only be achieved by changing traditional parameters and with the individual collaboration of gender-aware journalists.

It is undoubtedly appropriate to indicate that all those sexist and patriarchal people should change their way of thinking, where there is room for other types of ideologies. Well, it is clear that those who accept unequal treatment for people who are different from them; they do not allow the existence of a world with equal opportunities for all.

It is clear that even today there is discrimination; especially in matters of violence against women or reference to sexual diversity; but we are all equal in the eyes of God and therefore enjoy the same rights.

Social media are a reflection of our society and should be guided by them to prevent them from being contaminated by patriarchy; especially if we consider that nothing lasts forever and that many customs can be adapted throughout history.

Many people are not born free; but over the years they earn their freedom and build their way through different actions; the ones that end up writing their paper in the future.

There is no universally accepted guide to what is right or wrong; since this will depend on the surrounding context and on a series of weighty justifications that lead to its acceptance or rejection.

But it is clear that not all of us think alike and therefore it is fair to accept all the opinions expressed by those involved in a certain topic. As an example we can cite the fact that a person can be born a woman and want to be a man; so no one is qualified to pass judgment against you.

Human beings are all equal, we enjoy the right to choose our sexual inclinations and the privilege to do what is most convenient for us without anyone judging us for it, let alone discriminating against us.

This is precisely what inclusive journalism is all about; where the gender identity of each person is recognized and is treated through a language that refers to this condition without thereby belittling anyone.

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