January 4, 2023 Examples of inclusion applied to the current reality

Examples of inclusion applied to the current reality

Get to know some examples of inclusion applied to the current reality; through which many people are allowed to be accepted and participate in any group, in order to contribute their skills and abilities for the benefit of all; Do not miss it.

What is meant by inclusion?

The term of inclusion is used within the current reality; to designate activities through which all people enjoy equal rights to develop personally; without their physical characteristics, abilities or conditions of disability being an impediment.

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It is about creating environments and landscapes, within which gender differences or health care needs; among other aspects, it does not represent a barrier that prevents the participation of any person, classified as different from the majority of its members.

Examples of inclusion applied to the current reality

The examples of inclusion applied to the current reality, are about environments within which the condition of belonging of an individual or group is promoted; environment within which she can be respected, supported, and valued; among other things; such as those listed below:

• When foreigners are invited to participate in a family party.
• Teaches older people the use and advantages of social networks.
• Gathering in the play areas of an educational center; students belonging to their different grades.
• Try to read books written about the life and customs of other cultures.
Promote work in diversified groups in the classroom.
• Welcome and share social activities with people who defend different political ideologies.
• Accept any person without judging their place of origin or way of being and acting.
• Know the music of other countries.
• Implement access for people with physical limitations to enter a building.
Share restaurant areas with people from different areas of a company.
• Participate in cultural training programs without restrictions.
• Respect the religious ideologies of all the people around you.
Know the traditions and ways of life of the aboriginal peoples of the country in which you reside; without criticizing their behavior or despising their customs.
• Have sanitary facilities for people of any sexual identity.
Take an interest in film themes from other countries in the world.
• Give access to all types of literature and writers within the publishers.
• Create elevator buttons that can be manipulated by blind people.
• Teach sign language in schools.
• Carry out festivals in which there is room for all types of food; coming from different cultures.
• Create mobile applications that facilitate communication from any corner of the world.
Produce radio programs that serve to teach members of rural communities.
• Design clothing lines according to all types of bodies.
• Establish free painting exhibitions, in which anyone can demonstrate their talent without financial restrictions.
• Create menus in restaurants, with dishes for all tastes that include meals, for those people who suffer from intolerance to certain types of food.
• Organize community meetings in order to socialize the relationship between neighbors.
• Translate books in the language we are fluent in, so that other people can enjoy their content.
• Listen to the problems of others without judging them.
• Install signs in public spaces in several languages; with the aim of expanding its coverage and reach.

Without a doubt, there are countless examples of inclusion applied to the current reality; those who are facilitating the lives of human beings on our planet every day.

However, we must promote them, participate in them and expand their coverage so that there is less and less discrimination and anyone can join them freely and fully.

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