Michelle Obama Says Racist Attacks She Faced as First Lady 'Cut the Deepest'

The Roots, News Report, Posted: Jul 26, 2017

While her husband served as president of the United States, Obama was at the center of hateful, merciless attacks and comments

NAACP Pushes to Fight Trump-Led Policies


Washington Informer, News Report, Posted: Jul 26, 2017

Jackson said about 52 percent of blacks in the United States reside in the South, which also has some of the most damaging voter laws.


Closed Chicago Schools Could Remain Vacant Without Public Subsidy


Chicago Reporter, News Report, Kalyn Belsha, Posted: Jul 26, 2017

Why the deal died speaks to the difficult nature of repurposing closed schools, especially in disinvested communities like Austin.


Black Women Vote in Large Numbers Yet Are Underrepresented


Louisiana Weekly, News Report, Susan Buchanan, Posted: Jul 26, 2017

America's Black women vote at high rates and are politically active, but remain underrepresented in elected positions relative to their population size.

NAACP Names Interim President and CEO


NorthStar News, News Report, Posted: Jul 25, 2017

Johnson, president of the Mississippi State Conference, will serve as interim president and CEO until a new president is selected, the NAACP said.


Nation’s Black Women are Jailed at Unfair Rates, Study Says


Louisiana Weekly, News Report, Susan Buchanan, Posted: Jul 20, 2017

Black families are hurt by unfairly high incarceration rates for African-American women and the impediments they face once they’re out of jail.

O.J. Simpson’s Parole Is Not in Jeopardy Because He Let Loose the Juice in His Prison Cell


The Root, News Report, Posted: Jul 19, 2017

Originally reported by the Daily Mail, the rumor was repeated by other outlets including the New York Post, Death and Taxes and Perez Hilton, among others.

Cities With Large Black Populations More Likely to Use Fines to Increase Revenue: Study


Washington Reformer, News Report, Posted: Jul 17, 2017

This study also alludes to an ongoing problem of the exploitative relationship cities and local law enforcement have with black populations.

Scholarship and Police Training Fund Will Keep Philando Castile’s Name Alive


Northstar News, News Report, Posted: Jul 11, 2017

Police have shot and killed at least 175 black men so far this year, but it’s probably safe to say that none of them have been remembered like Philando Castile.

Audio Interview Confirms Dejuan Guillory Was Unarmed, Lying on Ground When Cop Shot Him in the Back


The Root, News Report, Posted: Jul 10, 2017

According to Long, Brown then jumped on the officer’s back to prevent him from killing her boyfriend and bit LaFleur (hence the reported injuries to the officer). LaFleur then fired three more shots at Guillory.

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