Detroit Residents Complain of Health Effects of Breathing in Toxins

Detroit Residents Complain of Health Effects of Breathing in Toxins

Arab American News, News Report, Natasha Dado, Posted: Dec 16, 2014

The Sierra Club reports that one company, DTE Energy, is responsible for 85 percent of sulfur dioxide emissions in Wayne County, Mich.


EPA Administrator: Enviro Groups Must ‘Reflect Communities They Serve’


New America Media, News Report, Anthony Advincula, Posted: Dec 12, 2014

Operating without a diverse workplace, said the EPA administrator, is like 'having our arms tied behind our backs.'


Dearborn Environmental Groups Seek to Overturn Controversial Emissions Permit


Arab American News, News Feature, Natasha Dado, Posted: Dec 08, 2014

The South End of Dearborn and Southwest Detroit is the most polluted area in all of Michigan.


No ‘Executive Action’ for Environmental Migrants


New America Media, News Report, Jenny Manrique, Posted: Dec 06, 2014

Global migration experts say the number of cross-border “environmental migrants” is certain to grow, with little to no legal framework for absorbing them.


A Renter Weighs the Pros and Cons of Earthquake Coverage


New America Media, Commentary, Summer Chiang, Posted: Nov 20, 2014

One commentator says that although she lives in a place where earthquakes are the norm, she rarely thinks about preparing for the next big one.


Rosebud Sioux Tribe Calls House Keystone XL Passage an 'Act of War'


Indian Country Today, News Report, Staff, Posted: Nov 18, 2014

Calling the U.S. House of Representatives vote for the Keystone XL pipeline an “act of war,” the Rosebud Sioux Tribe has vowed to block the project from crossing its lands.


U.S. and China Announce New Climate Goals


InsideClimate News, News Report, John H. Cushman, Jr., Posted: Nov 14, 2014

The U.S. makes a commitment to deepen its existing carbon-cut pledge by 2025, while China says its emissions will peak by 2030. Both target coal.


811: The Number to Call Before You Dig


New America Media, News Report, Ngoc Nguyen, Posted: Nov 13, 2014

Despite a nationwide campaign urging people to “call before you dig,” many residential contractors are still in the dark about the hazards of digging on the job.


Latina Environmentalist Takes Fracking Fight to 'Epicenter' of California Oil Industry


New America Media, News Report, Tara Lohan, Posted: Nov 12, 2014

Rosanna Esparza is a community organizer for Clean Water Action in Kern County, which ranks first in California for oil production and second for agriculture.


GOP Election Rout Delivers Blow to U.S. Leadership Role on Climate Change


InsideClimate News, News Report, John H. Cushman Jr., Posted: Nov 07, 2014

The deck in Congress is stacked in favor of fossil fuels, throwing Obama’s climate agenda in doubt during his lame-duck years.

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