Katrina Pain Index 10 Years Later: Who Was Left Behind

Katrina Pain Index 10 Years Later: Who Was Left Behind

Louisiana Weekly, News Report, Bill Quigley, Posted: Jul 30, 2015

When Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast on Aug. 29, 2005, the nation saw tens of thousands of people left behind in New Orleans.


Keystone XL: Horse Riders From the Four Directions Join in Protest in Pierre, South Dakota


Indian Country News, News Feature, ICTMN Staff, Posted: Jul 27, 2015

This project poses too much risk to the people, lands and water for it to be approved.


Hanoi Tree Campaigners in “Partial Victory”


Vietnam Right Now, News Feature, Staff, Posted: Jul 22, 2015

The old trees, many dating from the French colonial period, have been replaced by thin saplings – many of which have withered and died in the summer heat.

Study Says New Orleans is 90% Back to pre-Katrina Status


Louisiana Weekly, News Report, Posted: Jul 21, 2015

Orleans Parish may not yet enjoy the 465,000 population it had prior to the evacuations of August 26, 2005, but a new study by the New Orleans Data Center may be on track to return to that number.


California Residents Decrease Water Use


Asian Journal, News Report, Alyson Escobar, Posted: Jul 06, 2015

Amidst a statewide weary drought, California officials announced that residential water use had dropped 29 percent in May—the first real indication that the state might meet unprecedented conservation reductions imposed by Governor Jerry Brown.

Tribes Incensed at Being Closed Out of Upcoming Keystone XL Hearings in South Dakota


Indian Country, News Report, Posted: Jun 23, 2015

The commission also ruled out testimony about climate change, which would factor in issues that have sprung up in a changing environment, the IEN said.


Coyote Valley Open Space: Wildlife Within Silicon Valley


New America Media, News Feature, Andrew Lam, Posted: Jun 23, 2015

One bright spot amidst the closures and budget cutbacks hitting California’s State Parks is the opening of a new nature preserve called Coyote Valley Open Space.


Surviving the Drought in California: Farm Workers Struggle to Put Food on the Table


[people. power. media], Video, Dyan Ruiz and Joseph Smooke, Posted: Jun 16, 2015

We went to the heart of the Central Valley to talk to undocumented farmworkers about how they are coping with California's drought.

Sections of New, Best-Ever Levee System in New Orleans Are Sinking


The Lens, News Report, Posted: Jun 03, 2015

The new $14.5 billion levee system encircling New Orleans includes some of the latest engineering advances and has been deemed the city’s best ever. And it's sinking.


Triqui Farmworkers Struggle to Survive and Organize in California


New America Media, News Report, David Bacon, Posted: Jun 03, 2015

Among the poorest of California’s farmworkers are the Triquis, indigenous people from the western part of the Mexican state of Oaxaca.

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