Solutions for Drought Are in the Hands of Residents

Solutions for Drought Are in the Hands of Residents

Korea Times , News Report, Kwang Hee Lee, Posted: Mar 27, 2015

The Santa Clara Valley Water District is encouraging people to actively participate in water conservation.


Nearly a Decade After Katrina, 81% of Homes are Rebuilt


Louisiana Weekly, News Report, Staff, Posted: Mar 26, 2015

It has become painfully evident that much more time will be needed for the entire city of New Orleans to recover from the 2005 storm.


To Fight the Drought in California, We Need More Than Just Rain


New America Media/El Observador, News Feature, Jenny Manrique, Posted: Mar 19, 2015

California regulators on Tuesday voted to ban watering lawns more than twice a week, and said restaurants could only serve water if customers request it.


Environmental Movement Feeling the Heat - To Diversify


New America Media, News Report, Anna Challet, Posted: Mar 06, 2015

A Green 2.0 study found that people of color did not exceed 16 percent of staff at any environmental organization surveyed.

Documentary Puts Smog on Front Pages of Chinese Newspapers


China Daily , News Report, Posted: Mar 04, 2015

A former celebrity TV presenter has released a self-funded documentary about smog, inspired by her sick daughter.


Saving California Parks - With New Ideas and Tech


New America Media, News Feature, Andrew Lam, Posted: Mar 04, 2015

California state parks are in trouble. And the solution may lie in the state's young, diverse and urban population.

President Obama Vetoes Keystone XL Bill, Invoking Integrity of Review Process


Indian Country, News Report, Posted: Feb 24, 2015

President Barack Obama on February 24 vetoed legislation that would have forced the Keystone XL pipeline through by eliminating the need for State Department approval for the project, which crosses the international border with Canada.


Loving the Puget Sound to Death


New America Media, News Feature, Madeline Ostrander, Posted: Feb 23, 2015

Four decades after the passage of the Clean Water Act, regulators haven’t kept up with the pollution that growing populations put on America’s shorelines.

SoCal Could Face Water Cutbacks


Asian Journal, News Report, Posted: Feb 17, 2015

THE Metropolitan Water District is considering the limitation of deliveries and implementation of water rationing starting July 1, depending on statewide drought conditions.

More Than 400 Yellowstone Bison Slaughtered So Far This Year in Montana


Indian Country, News Report, Posted: Feb 10, 2015

More than 400 bison have been slaughtered outside the northern boundary of Yellowstone National Park in Montana as they left the protected area in their customary winter search for food at lower altitudes.

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