From India to the U.S., Shreeja Sharma’s Path to Desi 1107AM

From India to the U.S., Shreeja Sharma’s Path to Desi 1107AM

New America Media, News Feature, Lauren Seward, Posted: Apr 24, 2014

That August, they packed up their belongings and prepared to, once again, call a new country “home."


Houston Coalition Aims to Naturalize More Immigrants


New America Media, News Report, Elena Shore, Posted: Apr 24, 2014

The challenge, say naturalization advocates, is to encourage immigrants to apply for citizenship even as the application form doubles in length.

Is a 'Massive Wave of Immigration' on the Horizon?


Fusion, News Report, Posted: Apr 18, 2014

Fusion responds to an article in USA Today that predicted a "massive wave of illegal immigration."


For Miami's Immigrants, Cheap Land is Most Vulnerable to Climate Change


PRI's The World, News Report, Patricia Sagastume, Posted: Apr 18, 2014

Rising sea levels and surging Hispanic immigration to low-lying areas west of Miami have made a climate crusader out of a Venezuelan immigrant.

Philly Mayor Ends Police-ICE Collaboration


Al Día, News Report, Posted: Apr 16, 2014

Philadelphia Mayor Nutter signed an executive order that ends collaboration between federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement and police.


Is Obama Really the 'Deporter-in-Chief?' Depends on Whom You Ask


PRI's The World, News Report, Angilee Shah, Posted: Apr 16, 2014

Although the increase in deportations is largely due to laws passed in 1996, Obama could use his executive authority to curb deportations.


New School Standards Present Challenge for Refugee Students


San Diego Voice, News Report, Kimetha Hill, Posted: Apr 16, 2014

Teachers worry that California's new educational standards could make refugee students fall even further behind.

Projections Show Rapidly Changing Racial Makeup of U.S.


VOXXI, News Report, Posted: Apr 14, 2014

By 2042, so-called racial minority groups will make up the majority of the U.S. population.

New Reports Undermine Obama Administration’s Claims About Deportations


Immigration Impact, News Report, Posted: Apr 11, 2014

The deportation dragnet cast by the Obama administration is capturing thousands of people who pose no serious threat to public safety.


Children of Detained Immigrant Parents Suffer 'Lifetime of Trauma'


New America Media, News Report, Anthony Advincula, Posted: Apr 11, 2014

It takes only a few minutes for an immigration officer to arrest undocumented parents. But the event can lead to a lifetime of health consequences on children.

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