Rep. Zoe Logren to Introduce New H-1B Visa Bill to Clear Up High Demand

India West, News Report, Posted: Jan 09, 2017

With President-elect Donald Trump taking over the White House later this month, there may be an opening for people against the program to crack down on the excessive use of it.

Massachusetts Sheriff Offers Prison Inmates to Build Trump's Wall


Arab American Media, News Report, Posted: Jan 05, 2017

"The proposal is perverse, it's inhumane and very likely unconstitutional," ACLU staff counsel Laura Rotolo said in a phone interview. "


How Will Trump's Immigration Policies Affect Turkish Communities?


In the Shadow of Liberty/New America Media, News Analysis, Orhan Akkurt, Posted: Jan 05, 2017

Osman Altay, 56, a Turkish-American who has been living in Paterson, N.J., for 40 years, voted for Trump.


Merced Congregations to Offer Sanctuary


We'Ced Youth Media, News Report, Hannah Esqueda, Posted: Dec 30, 2016

Seventeen congregations in the Merced area are in the process of adopting official designation as a sanctuary space.


For Chinese & Other Elders, Growing Isolation Is Major Health Challenge


Sing Tao Daily/New America Media , News Report, Ke “April” Xu , Posted: Dec 30, 2016

Increasingly, say researchers, chronic isolation is both a physical and mental health concern to seniors, but public awareness and resources are lacking to meet the threat.


Work Permits for H-4 Visa Holders Uncertain in Trump Administration


India West, News Report, Sunita Sohrajbi, Posted: Dec 28, 2016

The future of a 2015 Department of Homeland Security initiative that allows certain H-4 visa holders to work remains uncertain, according to Indian American immigration rights activists.


For Female Farmworkers, Work Never Stops


Coachella Unincorporated, News Feature, Posted: Dec 28, 2016

Ramirez said leaving the fields was one of the most valuable lessons she was able to teach her sons.

Children of Fear: Who Speaks for New Jersey's Young Undocumented Immigratns


NJSpotlight, News Report, Posted: Dec 27, 2016

The children, however, were temporarily placed in a group home until authorities could find their mother. They now live with her in New Jersey and have obtained green cards.

Cambodian Legal Resident Fights Deportation


Asam News, News Report, Posted: Dec 19, 2016

I’m not a drug dealer, not a gang member. I’m just an ordinary person that just wants to stay home where I feel like I belong.

Deporting the American Dream: Immigration Enforcement Drives Foreclosures in Latino Communities


EGP News/Newswise, News Report, Posted: Dec 19, 2016

Early in his presidential campaign, Donald Trump said he would deport all of the estimated 11 million immigrants who are in the United States illegally.

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New York Offers Support to Urge More Immigrants to Apply for U.S. Citizenship
New York Offers Support to Urge More Immigrants to Apply for U.S. Citizenship

By Text by Anthony Advincula, Video by Orhan Akkurt,
Posted: Sep 29, 2016



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