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LA’s Korean “Well-Dying” Program Counters End-of-Life Planning Taboo

LA’s Korean “Well-Dying” Program Counters End-of-Life Planning Taboo

Korea Daily/New America Media , News Feature, Nicole Chang, Posted: Mar 06, 2015

The “Well-Dying” program advance-care planning in Los Angeles is helping Korean elders challenge their culture’s taboo on discussing death.


Stanford Program Helps Vietnamese RN Realize His Eldercare “Calling”


Nguoi Viet/New America Media, News Feature, Andrew Lam, Posted: Feb 28, 2015

At 28, Vietnamese immigrant Chi Mai, RN, took Stanford’s online course in successful aging and helped seniors better plan their end-of-life care.


Khi người trẻ Việt giúp cao niên Việt lo ngày cuối đời


Người Việt/New America Media, News Feature, Andrew Lam, Posted: Feb 28, 2015

Y tá Chí Mai, 28 tuổi, là người đầu tiên tham gia chương trình của Đại Học Y Dược Stanford với đề án hướng dẫn các vị cao niên Việt hiểu thêm về vấn đề lên kế hoạch trước cho sự chăm sóc y tế trong những ngày cuối đời, một vấn đề mà người Việt Nam tại Mỹ ít quan tâm.


Stanford Program Educates Indian American Elders on End-of-Life Care


India-West/New America Media , News Feature, Reena Rathore, Posted: Feb 10, 2015

As more seniors move to the U.S. from India to help their children’s families, one program is helping some plan ahead in case they face life’s end.


Palliative Care Options - Something to Talk About for Caribbean Elders


CaribPress News/New America Media , News Feature, Lyndon Johnson, Posted: Feb 01, 2015

Jamaica native Rose Lanam is working with Los Angeles hospitals like Cedars Sinai to get the word out to the minority community that palliative care.


‘Kill the Pain, Not the Patient’--Catholicism's Message on Palliative Care America Media , News Feature, Vivian Zalvidea Araullo, Posted: Jan 02, 2015

Despite misunderstandings about Catholic teachings, Filipino elders are learning that it’s okay to allow palliative or hospice care “kill the pain, not the patient.”


Growing Awareness of End-of-Life Care Among Nigerian Immigrants


Immigrants Magazine Online/New America Media , News Feature, Julian Do, Posted: Jan 01, 2015

Nigerian Americans are learning at life’s end, U.S. medicine has limits, and palliative care may be best for very ill seniors.


Can Spirituality Help You Age More Gracefully?


KALW Spiritual Edge/New America Media, Question & Answer, Rachel Dornhelm, Posted: Dec 07, 2014

As people age and come to terms with their lives. They may ask themselves, “What happened along the way and why?” Research suggests that spirituality can help.


Dealing With Dementia: An African American Son Tells His Story


The Root/New America Media, News Feature, Yanick Rice Lamb, Posted: Nov 18, 2014

Todd Shurn, the primary caregiver of his mother, who has dementia, is among the rare African American men taking on a role mainly falling to black women.


A Lowrider's Final Ride--A Brave East LA Father Enters Hospice


EGP/New America Media , News Feature, Nancy Martinez , Posted: Oct 31, 2014

An acute problem among Latinos, shows a 2012 California State Hospice Data Report, is they are less likely than other ethnic groups to discuss the end of life issues.

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